New Hi Res Audio Central Site Launches

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Veteran CE Group Creates First Consumer Portal For Hi Res Audio

Hi Res Audio Central ( recenty announced ina press release, a new web portal devoted to covering everything about the benefits of high resolution audio in all formats, launched in early August.

From the Company:
HRAC serves as the connective hub between listeners and the artists, producers, engineers, labels, and gear manufacturers dedicated to the hi res (high resolution) audio listening experience, which offers sonic fidelity far beyond that of current CDs, MP3s, and streamed audio services, and takes the listening experience to unprecedented levels of realism and detail.

HRAC showcases both original and curated content for new hi res audio consumers and audiophiles alike, including download and playback primers, hardware and software reviews, interviews with musicians and producers, and much more. HRAC offers extensive connection to the world of hi res audio in all its formats, and advocates the hi res audio musical experience to a broad audience of music lovers.

“Hi Res Audio Central is designed to connect music lovers to the hi res audio experience in all its many shapes, forms, and tastes,” said Ron Goldberg, HRAC’s Site Director. “They’ll discover a higher level of musical engagement, whether hearing new releases or treasured favorites, and they can use the site for research, education, or just plain enjoyment. HRAC will be a one-stop destination for all things hi res audio.”

Added HRAC Chief Content Officer Mike Mettler, “Listening to great-sounding music in its highest resolution is a magical experience, and it’s something I enjoy doing every day. HRAC will help steer people to all of the ways they can do just that every time they’re listening, whether they’re at home or on the move.” Noted Scott Constantine, HRAC’s Director of Sales, “Our goal is to increase awareness to the large number of music lovers about hi res audio in all formats, educate them as to the services and products available, and get them excited about purchasing software and hardware.”

HRAC is devoted to everything that reflects and promotes the power of listening to and enjoying the substantial aural benefits of hi res audio.

Visit Hi Res Audio Central at

Source: Press Release

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