Guitar Girl Magazine Calendars are beautiful hang-up wall calendars featuring some of the top female guitarists we have showcased throughout the years. The calendar has all 12 months plus a bonus pre-planner and a place for Notes. The calendar is 11″ x 8.5″, stapled binding, and pre-hole punched for hanging. All major U.S. holidays are noted, as well as religious holidays.

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2024 Calendar

girl sitting on couch holding fender guitar
Photo by Jack Lue

Cover:  Ash Blair
January:  Rolling Quartz
February:  TemperMental
March:  Laura-Simone Martin
April:  Plush
May:  Alicia Vigil
June:  Ash Blair
July:  ZZ Ward
August:   Hal-Ca
September:   Liddy Clark
October:  Nikki Stringfield
November:  Lola Ladae
December:  Angela Mazzanti, Mixi, and Sasha Massacre
Pre-planner Jan:
– Manda Mosher
– Heather Anne Lomax
– Francesca Brown
– Deb Morrison-Littell
– Pi Jacobs
Pre-Planner Feb:  Doll Riot
Pre-Planner Mar:  Anti Groupies
Pre-Planner Apr:  Mustangs of the West
Notes:  Bella Moulden
Notes:  Michelle Malone
Notes:  Shanti Kimelman
Notes:  Noah Vonne

Photography by:

Anna Azarov | @annaazarov
Claire Elan | etsy/ClaireElanArt
Deb Morrison-Littell | @shotsbymorrison
Gabriela Gabrielaa | @gabrielagabrielaa
Jack Lue | @jacklue
Jawan Scott |
Jeff Fasano | @jefffasanophoto
Victoria Smith | @victoriasmithphoto

2023 Calendar

Cover – Samantha Fish -Photo by Jack Lue

Cover:  Samantha Fish
January:  Madeleine Lucas
February:  Julia Lage
March:  Salem Darling
April:  Leanne Bowes
May:  Xtine Reckless
June:  Gretchen Menn
July:  Angela Petrilli
August:  Annie Shred
September:  Britt Lightning
October:  Mixi
November:  Yvette Young
December:  Samantha Fish
Pre-Planner:  Julia Lage & Britt Lightning
Notes:  Madam Bombs
Notes:  Riley Christensen

2022 Calendar

Kiki Wong – Photo by Jack Lue

Cover:  Kiki Wong
January:  Constance Antoinette aka Miss Gibson Girl
February:  Nik West
March:  Alexia Rodriguez
April:  Jen Majura
May:  Iron Maidens
June:  Shiragirl
July:  Chena Roxx
August:  Nicole Papastravrou
September:  Natalie Gelman
October:  Brinley Amicon
November:  Kiki Wong
December:  Anie Delgado
Pre-Planner:  Alex Nicole Windsor
Notes:  Leah Martin Brown
Notes:  Sara Baldwin

2021 Calendar

Soleil Laurent – Photo by Adjahoe

Cover – Soleil Laurent
January – Nikki Stringfield
February – Alex Nicole Windsor
March – Guitar Gabby
April – Madeline Rosene
May – Serena Laurel
June – Aliah Guerra
July – Holly West
August – Moriah Formica
September – Anna Sentina
October – Tiffany Lloyd
November – Nikki O’Neill
December – Jessica Kaczmarek
2022 Pre-Planner – Indigo Una
Notes – Jimena Fosado
Notes – Mean Mary James

2020 Calendar

girl with guitar
Photo by Jack Lue

Cover/January:  Ariel Bellvalaire
February:  Angie Swan
March:  Britt Lightning
April:  Alicia Vigil
May:  Emily Ruvidich
June:  Lexii Lynn Frazier
July:  Nikki Stringfield
August:  Kiki Wong
September:  Candice Levinson
October:  Jules Whelpton
November:  Keona Lee
December:  Courtney Cox aka CC Shred
Pre-Planner:  Lynna Della Lucé
Pre-Planner:  Marla’O
Notes:  Rose Cora Perry
Notes:  Briana Alexis

2019 Calendar


Angeline Saris – Photo by Sarah Felker

Cover:  Angeline Saris
January:  Nikki Stringfield
February:  Francesca Simone
March:  Angeline Saris
April:  Lindsay Ell
May:  Nik West
June:  Arielle
July:  Melia Maccarone
August:  Alexx Calise
September:  Tristan McIntosh
October:  Command Sisters
November:  Ali Handal
December:  Yvette Young
Pre-Planner:  Jessi Pugh
Notes:  Meg Williams / Anouck Andre’

2018 Calendar



Cover: MonaLisa Twins
January:  WILDWOOD
February:  Malina Moye
March:  Daria Musk
April:  Diana Rein
May:  Debra Devi
June:  Jackie Venson
July:  Eljuri
August:  Lucy LaForge
September:  Gretchen Menn
October:  Guitar Gabby
November:  Vanessa Izabella
December:  Sasha Vallely
2019 Pre-Planner:  Che Zuro

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