Debra Devi’s New Single & Music Video Premiere “Shake It”

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“Shake It” is the second music video and advance single from rock musician Debra Devi’s upcoming EP Wild Little Girl (True Nature Records). “Shake It” will be screened May 20 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ, where Devi’s band will play at 10 pm with Papermaker (9 pm) and Drum and a Tantrum (8 pm).

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“Shake It” is the tawdry, tongue-in-cheek tale of a young woman convinced by her boyfriend to become a stripper not only to support his music-making habit but also to become more attractive in his eyes. “You need a little glamour,” he tells her, “if you wanna be my girl.”


“Shake It” is a commentary on the relentless pressure on women to support their male partners’ dreams at the expense of their own, and to conform to conventional ideals of sexiness and beauty. The song opens with Devi’s swaggering slide guitar running roughshod over Max Feinstein’s sinewy bassline and John Hummel’s go-go backbeat before Rob Clores (The Black Crowes, Joan Osborne) sets the storytelling mood with some funky porno clavinet. “Shake It’ eventually opens into the gloriously sarcastic “oh you’re so beautiful now!” chorus, featuring guest vocals from blues-rocker Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors)–and Devi’s ripping guitar solo.

For the video, Devi chose a light, funny approach to the story, ably assisted by bassist Max Feinstein as his alter ego, Climax Lopez, playing “Douchey Boyfriend,” and by fellow Jersey City musician/songwriter Alex Heitzenrater (Aminal, Papermaker) as “Music Store Guy,” and Eric Safka on keys.

Devi is releasing one single/video per month from the EP for five months. The entire EP will be released with a bonus live track on 9/8/17. Her first advance single/video, “Butterfly,” premiered exclusively at The Pop Break on 4/20/17.

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