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Who We Are

Guitar Girl Magazine® aims to encourage, inspire, and empower female musicians at every level.  Our 80% female team of journalists strive to connect you with the most trusted, relevant, and inspiring sources of musical know-how.

Coming to you in both print and online editions, we promote artists, provide relevant music industry news, guitar gear reviews, fun rock lifestyle finds, insider tips and advice, lessons, and special features to engage an audience that, frankly, deserves more attention.

Our team is dedicated to reaching the budding girl musicians of the world, and together our staff has 50+ years of experience in the music industry. Guitar Girl Magazine has featured some of the best female guitarists and bass players in the world, and we hope to nurture and inspire even more!

About our Founder

female entrepreneur
Tara Low

Tara Low is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Girl Magazine®. Tara started her journey back in 2009 with the launch of her online retail music store, Guitar It Up for Girls, which catered to young and adult women. In addition to her retail focus, Tara’s old blog featured up-and-coming artists and all things happening with women in the music world. You could say it was Guitar Girl Mag’s predecessor —the success of that blog led to the development and roll-out of what would eventually become Guitar Girl Magazine as it is today: a leading female-oriented publication with both print and digital editions!

“My goal is to create a community for female players where we can band together and help support, promote, and empower women in music. Over the past eight years, we have experienced tremendous growth and are continuing on our journey to a forum for all to enjoy!”

Tara was awarded the “Dreaming Out Loud” Award at the prestigious She Rocks Awards in 2020. She’s been featured on The Brassy Broad podcast and had the honor of being the first female guest on Taylor Guitars’ podcast. Tara has been featured by The Women’s International Music Network in their Front & Center column, as well as Musicians for Equal Opportunity for Women, Rockin’ Moms, Sweet Startups, Lady Boss Blogger, Fox News Atlanta, and VoyageATL.

An avid supporter of organizations supporting the development of females in music, Tara has participated in efforts such as contributing to the scholarship at MI for female guitarists, sponsoring students for Girls Rock Camps, and instrument gifting to charitable organizations.

Tara has always been heavily involved in music, even as she was raising four children. In her youth, she played violin and cello and was an accomplished dancer who performed in a traveling dance troupe.