Meiko’s Confessional Dear You Set For Release On October 14th

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Acclaimed Alt-Pop Singer-Songwriter Returns With 3rd LP Via Fantasy/Concord

Press Release – Meiko will offer her highly anticipated third full-length album entitled Dear You on October 14th, 2014 via Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group.

“Be Mine,” the album’s glistening first single, premiered today at, stream it here.

Dear You follows Meiko’s acclaimed 2012 release The Bright Side, which climbed to #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart as the buoyant hit single “Stuck On You” garnered the attention of influential tastemakers worldwide and found numerous placements in film and on television.

The eleven songs on Dear You consist primarily of her private, unsent letters. “I like writing letters: love letters, pissed-off letters, breakup letters,” she explains. “I rarely wind up mailing those letters, though. Instead, I turn them into songs. Dear You is an album mostly filled with those unsent notes.” Meiko turned her secret letters into a revealing, eclectic collection of songs including infectious alt-pop (“Be Mine”), electronic lullabies (“The Cloud Song”), minimalist indie rock (“Deep Sweat”), and digital folk (“Wake Up”). 

Dear You’s decidedly darker tone is, in many ways, the flipside to the sunnier disposition fans found on The Bright Side. Longing, betrayal, heartbreak and reprisal are intimately acknowledged and explored here, supported by Meiko’s increasingly stripped down, sophisticated songwriting. Recorded in her adopted hometown of Los Angeles and produced by Jimmy Messer, who also helmed a good chunk of The Bright Side, Dear You’s sparse soundscape beautifully underscores the album’s highly confessional tone and Meiko’s uniquely personal vocals. The pair handled the vast majority of the production themselves only turning to drummer Don Heffington (Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow) and the Grooveline Horns (Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band) for cameos on a handful of tracks.

Meiko professes, “It’s not all candy and roses, but sometimes you just need the grit and that’s exactly how I imagined Dear You being – completely confessional. It was good for my soul and I’m happy to finally let it out into the world.”

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Meiko – Dear You track list:

1    Bad Things (3:54) 
2.   Lose It (3:44)
3.   Be Mine (3:17)
4.   The Cloud Song (3:40) 
5.   Wake Up (2:49)
6.   Sweeter (3:47)
7.   Deep Sweat (3:24)
8.   If He Doesn’t Love You (2:27)
9.   Sittin’ Here (2:51)
10. Dear You (3:34)
11. Go To Hell (2:54)

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