BONES Talks Music, Whiskey, and South By Southwest

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Have you ever heard a band but not really heard them? This may be the case with Bones. An LA-based duo via London is taking the music scene by storm. With singles that take a unique twist on an old childhood classic, a song about girls playing guitars, and a ‘beautiful is boring’ song, we are patiently awaiting an album.

The duo is made up of Rosie Bones (lead vocal/rhythm guitar) and Carmen Vandenberg (lead guitar). They have toured with Highly Suspect, Band of Skulls, Kooks, PVRIS, Skunk Anansie, and Miyavi; having most recently appeared at SXSW with Hangout Festival on their agenda in May. The two also had the opportunity to work with Jeff Beck in 2016- co-writing and performing songs on his album Loud Hailer to then follow-up on tour with him.

Guitar Girl Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Rosie and Carmen from Bones.

How did the song “Limbs” come about?

BONES (Carmen):  Rosie wanted to write a song about …

Rosie:  We like to be very educational to children and put out something that’s good to rock out, so we thought it was a good idea to make it, to educate the kids on the anatomy of the human body, as well as being badass rock ‘n’ roll.

Carmen: A science lesson then…a little bit of science. Everyone needs a lesson.

Bones had a couple singles before that “Beautiful is Boring” and “Girls Can’t Play Guitars” – which we all know is not true! What do you think about being compared to bands like Nine Inch Nails?

Carmen:  We didn’t really think about it or hear it ourselves, but their badass, so I mean it’s definitely a compliment. We didn’t think about when we were doing it.

I like the song “Girls Can’t Play Guitars,” but I have to disagree with the title.

Carmen:  That’s actually a true story- the little bit that Rosie says in front of the video “Girls Can’t Play Guitars.”

Rosie:  Yeah, a guy came to our show and said that we would never be as good because girls can’t play guitars as well as boys because we got smaller hands.

You played South by Southwest. What is that experience like for you?

Carmen:  Well we are on day two now and so far it has been brilliant, f**king great. We just had some interviews this morning and we are just about to do a show. We had a BMI showcase last night which was so much fun and the rest of the week now.

How did your band form?

Carmen:  Form? Rosie will tell you this story.

Rosie:  We were at a blues bar in Camden and I saw Carmen playing and I went up to her and bought her a drink. I said we should make music together.

Carmen:  We had a few more than just one, but that’s how we decided to start. Drank whiskey, too much whiskey, that’s how Bones was born.

How did the name Bones come about? Did you discover that name over whiskey, as well?

Carmen:  No. It’s Rosie’s last name, Rosie is Rosie Bones.

You haven’t put out an album yet, when can we expect one to come out?

Carmen:  Very, very soon. It is in the next plan.

After South by Southwest, do you have anything else planned?

Carmen:  Yes, we’ve got a headline tour of two weeks across America.

How are you liking America, because I know you are from London?

Carmen:  We live in LA now, we are loving it. It’s amazing.

Is the weather better?

Carmen:  Yes, one of the main reasons. One of the main reasons we moved to LaLa land.

How old were you when you were getting into music?

Carmen: Born, date of birth. I think five years old for me for sure. I started with the violin. Rosie used to play the drums.”

Have you thought about bringing the violin into your music?

Carmen:  No, the violin I haven’t played in a long time. I wish I did but I can’t.

Do you have any advice for any young and upcoming musicians?

Carmen:  Have fun and with guitar, just really practice and write. Do as much as you can.

Rosie:  Do it because you love it, like do not do it for any other reason. If you don’t love music and you don’t want to say something, then don’t do it. If you want to say something and something important you want to put out there to the world, then do it. Don’t do it for fame or money ever.

Carmen:  Yeah and just work.

What kind of guitar do you play?

Carmen:  I play a Telecaster and I like a Strat, as well, but I love a Telecaster, it’s my favorite. Rosie plays a Tele Deluxe.

After you finish up with this headlining tour and after playing Hang Out Festival in Alabama, what kind of fun things do you do when not on tour or in the studio?

Carmen:  We can’t say, no joking. Rosie cooks and knits and I read books.

Rosie:  I love knitting!

Can you tell me anything about the album at all?

Bones:  It is going to be very cool. It will be more of what we do and more of what we don’t do, as well. It will be a very cool mixture with lots of different kinds of music. An eclectic mix.

Who is your favorite band?

Rosie:  Aerosmith

Carmen:  Albert Collins

Anything else you would like to add?

Carmen:  Girls can play guitars.


Bones is one to watch and are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Wonderful to speak to them and their music defiantly speaks for itself. Bones has something to say and the world is listening. Looking forward to seeing them live and having a drink sometime.



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