Watch: Katie Vincent Releases Music Video for “The Way It Goes”

Off the Pickings Soundtrack

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NYC-based actress/musician Katie Vincent releases her music video for the single “The Way It Goes”, off of the Pickings soundtrackThe music video premiered exclusively on Elmore Magazine. Katie spoke with the magazine explaining that this single shines as an anthem to the film, “I wanted to create a sound that matched the epic story of a badass woman and her spawn– setting the rules and making sure all debts are paid. I looked to inspiration infused with attitude”. The music video is gritty and dark, reflecting the lyrics – including scenes from the film. Check out the new CD, Pickings: Music from the Motion Picture, out now on iTunesAmazon, and Spotify.

Katie Vincent is a multi-faceted creative spirit as an actress, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. Her most recent project is the independent noir-western film, Pickings, where she is one of the lead actresses and also a producer. In connection to her character, Katie wrote and recorded 4 original songs for the film’s soundtrack that will be released on the new CD, Pickings: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, on March 23, 2018.

The music is strongly influenced by country, blues, and rock – all of which align with the dark tone of the film. The acoustic track, “The Way It Goes,” underlines the raw, bold and pure grit of the main female characters in the film.

Coming from an acting background, Katie used the context of her character in the film as an inspiration for her songs. She attributes her style of playing and gritty sound to her character, Scarlet Lee-Haywood, daughter of the main character, Jo Lee-Haywood. Scarlet is quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and a girl who sticks to her convictions when it comes to her family. She is wise beyond her years due to the dark past that follows her mother. It is from the trials and tribulations of Scarlet and the country influences of artists like Chris Stapleton that make the music of the film come together.

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