JEMS Releases Splendid New Single “The Weather”

Photo: Jayden Becker
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Alt-folk trio JEMS releases their brand-new single, “The Weather,” an appetizer from their forthcoming sophomore album, Back Around.

“The Weather” was the first song written for the upcoming album, Back Around, produced by Justin Glasco and JEMS. The album introduces collaborations with notable musicians, including Adam Tressler, Adam Christgau, and Francisco Ojeda.

The genesis of “The Weather” occurred during a writing session with Emily Reid, where Jessica, one-third of JEMS, revealed a deeply personal experience, based on a disturbing dream. Drawing inspiration from the unpredictable nature of life, the trio merged their voices and viewpoints to shape a song that speaks to the inner strength and peace required to weather life’s storms.

The threesome shared that writing “The Weather” was not only cathartic but was also the first time they co-wrote a song with someone outside of JEMS. Drawn from Jessica’s dream, the lyrics materialized effortlessly. Whereas the challenge was recording the song in a manner approximating a live performance.

“He’s just the weather, bound to blow away / He’s just the weather, changes by the day.”

In 2019, JEMS dropped their self-titled debut album, followed by touring with She & Him in 2022, and a live performance on NPR’s World Café.

Made up of Sarah Margaret Huff, Emily Colombier, and Jessica Rotter, JEMS’ sound features rich, captivating three-part harmonies and authentic emotions.

“The Weather” opens on eerie, emerging tones, topped by luscious vocals, followed by creamy harmonies. Soft, streaming strings infuse the tune with hints of wistfulness, rising to soaring harmonic layers, highlighted by gorgeous, interweaving vocal harmonies that, on the outro, blend into honeyed unity.

Drenched in exquisite harmonies and evocative, gleaming textures, with “The Weather,” JEMS displays their enchantingly lush vocal prowess.

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