Product Review: Dime Amplification D100 Head – The Amp for Girls who want to rock!!!

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If want to play metal or rock, this amp is affordable and delivers some really heavy tones. The majority of guitarists use effects in conjunction with their amps. There is also the possibility of gear malfunctions when playing live so as players we want to know that our amp can deliver great lead tones, chunky rhythms and crystal clear clean sounds if we have issues with our effects. That is what I love about this amp, it sounds great with or without effects and has enough gain and has enough power also. So girls, if you want those awesome crushing Dimebag tones without going into debt, check out the D100!


» 120 Watts (rms @ 4 ohms)
» 80 Watts (rms @ 8 ohms)
» Two Channels
» 4-Band EQ
» Reverb
» Boost Switch (for added gain)
» Foot Switch included
» Dime’s Infamous Tone

~Katrina Johannson

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