Hairstyling 101

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Believe it or not, your hair plays a large role in your overall ensemble for your stage presence.  It speaks volumes about your personal style, proving to be almost as impactful as the guitar, gear, shoes, jewelry, or apparel you choose.  Now actually “doing” your hair can seem daunting, complicated, and time consuming.  But don’t fret, there are several tips, tutorials, and pictures to help you create a style that can be easily recreated or crafted by yourself.  Check out some of the most popular ways to spice up your hair and put those finishing touches on your overall look before heading on stage.


Adding a splash of color to your current hairstyle is one of the most exciting ways to change your look; especially when choosing a bright hue.  A popular trend now is colored tips and streaks, ranging in a multitude of fashionable colors.  There are two ways to go about accomplishing this.  The first is the simplest, cheapest, and least permanent option.  It involves colored pastel chalk, which is merely rubbed onto your strands and then set with heat.  It washes out within a of couple days.  The second requires a bit more effort, and semi-permanent, but still inexpensive.  This involves purchasing colored dyes, and applying it directly to your ends or throughout your hair as desired.  Check out the selection of vibrant colors from Manic Panic for your next hair coloring session.



Braiding is one of the most traditional ways to style your hair, but can seem the most challenging.  Because the end product looks so intricate, the process may seem difficult, but this is not the case.  In fact, braiding is definitely something you can teach yourself.  Like most tasks, practice makes perfect.  Soon enough you might find yourself braiding for all your friends once they’ve discovered you’ve become a pro.  Check out these step-by-step instructions from A Beautiful Mess on how to create your own.  Some of the most interesting looking braids are the fishtail and maiden braids.  For a more unique look, try ribbon or yarn details.  Simply attach the fabric at the start of your braid and weave it through.


Adding accessories to your hair is the easiest and fastest way to get amazing style.  Even though these hair embellishments can be purchased at a variety of stores, it’s always a bit more fun to make them yourself.  This is the perfect rainy day or weekend project to get your creative juices flowing.  Think outside the box with materials; try pieces of leather, feathers, flowers, or even felt and lace.  Use them on headbands, clips, or hairpieces.  For easy-to-follow instructions for your DIY hair accessory, visit Sincerely, Kinsey’s boho ideas.  You can even pick up items you already own, like necklaces or scarves, and drape or tie them around your head for an effortlessly chic hairstyle.

Everyone has an everyday look when it comes to styling their hair.  However, on those days when you’re feeling a little more adventurous and ready to hit the stage, try some of these innovative ideas and show off your personality…and your guitar!

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