Take Peace On Tour With You

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The life of a traveling musician can seem easy-going from the outside looking in. But the truth is, plenty of hard work goes into working on-the-go, securing tours, and performing them well. This is why it’s important that musicians find ways to be their best selves and foster an environment of peace while on tour. This way they will be able to enjoy the places their hard work takes them and hopefully end up having more fulfilling tours.

Move Your Body & Mind

Only 22.9% of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle as measured by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is so despite the fact that adequate exercise has the ability to improve the body’s stamina and positively boost the mood. Not only does moving the body improve a person’s health, but the simple practice of positive thinking can also do wonders for bettering one’s mood and perspective. Activating both body and mind in this way can bring forth peaceful outcomes while on the road.

Say ‘Thank You’

Yes, it’s true, a heart of gratitude can contribute to a person’s happiness as revealed by Business Insider. Being thankful has the ability to positively change a person’s perspective and better their mood. A practical way to stay in the attitude of thanksgiving is for musicians to bring a journal along with them on tour. This way they can spend time reflecting on what they’re thankful for in life and especially what they are thankful for while touring.

Connect With Family And Loved Ones

Being on tour sometimes means being separated from loved ones for a long period of time. Depending on the closeness of the relationship, missing a loved one or home can negatively impact a person’s mood and in some cases cause depression. Although nothing can substitute an in-person visit, Video Chats and Instant Messaging offer a great way to keep in touch. While touring musicians are away from home, family, and friends, it’s a good idea to seek time out of their schedules to stay in contact with those who mean the most.

Musicians put hard work into their profession, it only makes sense that they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Planning time to exercise, give thanks, and enhance relationships can help foster a more peaceful mindset that can allow musicians to positively experience the many aspects of their tours.

~Cass Jones

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