How to Reach Your Potential as a Guitar Student

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I am often asked how many minutes to practice per day. Remember that you will get back what you put in, the more time spent practicing, the closer you will reach your goals as a guitarist.

For beginners, ages 8 -10, I recommend at least 15 minutes per day minimum, 30 minutes per day is optimal. As children get older and it is easier for them to focus for longer periods of time, then I recommend 45-60 minutes a day. I realize that some children have a lot of activities, sports, dance, theatre, girl scouts…..which makes it more difficult to practice more than 15 minutes per day.

It is also important to practice daily, better to practice 15 minutes per day than 60 minutes once a week. Muscle memory is part of learning an instrument.

Finding the right teacher is also important. There are many great guitar players but that does not mean they will be a great teacher. Also, a professional music school is best, there can be too many distractions. There are also more opportunities to meet other like-minded students to practice with or write sings with, which is always inspiring for students.

I also believe listening to other styles of music that you are not familiar with can be a catalyst for growth! Setting goals such as being able to play the chords to your favorite song is always inspirational, too.

Practice, and again always remember you get back what you put in!

~ Katrina Johannson

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