How Music Can Benefit Your Child and Exercise Their Brains

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Want your child to be brighter, more confident, and teach them the value of perseverance? Introduce them to the joys of music! Whether they’re singing alone or learning the art of playing an instrument, every aspect of their life will be impacted for the better with music in it.

If you’re wondering how music can benefit your child, check out just a few of the reasons we’ve compiled below.


Everybody has their individual talents. Every kid isn’t great at sports, and they aren’t all going to be straight A students — and that’s okay.

Children don’t have to be great in every area to learn how to be confident in themselves. They just need one area in which they can excel — and for some students, that area is music. Whether they have a great singing voice or they can knock out a mean drum solo, music may be the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves.

And even if they do have other talents, developing another one can make them feel even better about their abilities.

Learning How to Be Patient and Persevere

Learning an instrument is fun, but it also requires concentration and hard work. If you’re not willing to put in the work, you won’t get the rewards.

It’s a great exercise in patience for a child because they won’t be able to play their sheet music perfect the first time they attempt it. They’ll have to try it over and over again before it gets to a point where they are comfortable with how it sounds.

That will require a lot of effort from your child, but with that, they’ll begin to see that hard work truly does pay off. They’ll get better with each attempt and they’ll have a lifelong lesson in putting in the work if you want to get something out of it.

How To Put On a Show

One of the greatest fears people have is public speaking, so if a child attempts to sing or play an instrument in front of a crowd, it can be great practice for developing that skill. It can serve them well later in life, whether they decide to become a teacher or they have to give a speech in front of their co-workers. Lots of occupations require public speaking and it’s a valuable skill to have.

By getting their feet wet with appearing in front of the public at this age, they’ll become more comfortable with it. And the more comfortable they are, they better they will be at it.

They’ll Find Like Minds

While it’s always fun to make a variety of friends, every kid wants to find the crowd they fit in with best. Having a shared love of music is a great foundation for a friendship.

And if they are staying at home playing their instruments when other kids are out getting into trouble, you’re going to have a much easier time as parents during their teenage years. That’s the kind of friends you want your child to have.

There’s also the chance that other children who are in music will encourage your child to practice more and work harder. Hanging out with other band and music kids may be a positive influence on your child.

A Way to Relax

Kids have less free time these days than they did a generation or two ago, and there is a lot more pressure on them. Music can help them find a way to unwind at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter if they are singing into a hairbrush while dancing around their bedroom or practicing a piece on their instrument — it might be a great stress reliever for them. That can be all a kid needs to decompress enough to get through their day.

Encourage Their Interest

If your kids show any interest in music, you should support their involvement with it. It might quickly become one of their favorite activities.

It doesn’t matter if they plan to pursue music for a living or it’s just an enjoyable hobby — either way, it will be great for them and they’ll reap the rewards for the time they put into it.

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Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two and a blogger for Mom Loves Best , where she writes about her passions for music, dance, health, and everything related to living a well-rounded and balanced life-style.

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