Tips for Starting Your Own Rock Band

Girl band playing their instruments.
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Starting a rock ‘n’ roll band is the dream of so many young people worldwide. But not enough of them succeed because they don’t take it seriously. Either that or they’ve not thought the steps through enough. Here are a few great tips for starting your very own rock ‘n’ roll band.

Learn an Instrument

Your first step, if you want to start a rock band, is going to be to learn a musical instrument. Singing counts, but rock bands play instruments as well as singing, so you should try to learn one as well. Knowing an instrument can help you in understanding chords and melodies. The most common and popular musical instruments to learn for budding musicians are guitar and piano. Both are quite different to one another, and you’ll be able to write different types of songs on each. Piano is versatile because a lot of rock ‘n’ roll bands don’t have piano players. You can give your band an extra edge by learning piano. Get your parents to get one for you to learn and practice on. Take a look at the range Markson Pianos offers for a wonderful acoustic sound. Many piano/keyboard players also find it easy to learn guitar, so try that out as well.

Invite Other Musicians

The next thing you need to do is invite other musicians from the local area to meet with you. Try to find like-minded people with the same sort of influences as you who want to start a band. It’s important you meet and get to know each other. Decide if you get along and share the same kind of vision for the band. If all goes well, you might want to think about inviting them back and organizing a jam sessions. Always proceed with caution when meeting people that you are not familiar with for the first time. We suggest starting with family and friends, and if you’re meeting with someone you’re not familiar with, get references beforehand and meet in a public place and bring a friend/family member with you.

Decide on Positions in Band

Once you’ve decided you’re going to form a band, it will be important to decide on positions within the band. All band members will occupy different positions within the band. You’ll need a drummer and bass player for rhythm. You’ll need at least one experienced guitarist, some bands opt for two – lead and rhythm. And you’ll need a singer. Now, often the singer will also play an instrument like piano or guitar. But this isn’t always the case. At any rate, the singer will often be the leader and the image of the band. It’s IMPORTANT that everyone understands their positions within the group.


Once you’ve met and formed and everyone knows their place, the next step is to practice. You will need to practice a lot if you want to become a successful rock band. It’s important to be in sync and in time. You need to understand one another perfectly to make the best possible music you can. You need to try to practice as much as possible. Try to do it at least two or three times a week. It needs to become second nature to you all. It’s important that you have an understanding and that you become greater than the sum of your parts.

Learn to Write Songs

Now that you’ve got everything in place, you’re at the stage where you’re ready to start writing songs. Bear in mind, the first few songs you write might not go exactly as planned. This is sometimes the way it works. But you have to work through the beginning stages to get to the quality of the songs that will bring the band together as “one.” Persevere, and you’ll reap the benefits. At first, try to write simple songs. Something that’s basic and that everybody will be able to play. Once you’ve written it and learned it seamlessly, play it – play it until it becomes second nature. This will help you bond as a band and work on rhythm and timing. Then you can move on to other more complex songs. After you’ve perfected a few songs, you’ll be ready for your first gig!

Go out and rock!

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