Darkedelic duo Batfarm tackle real life with honesty and grit on their new EP In The Belfry.

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Music industry vets and multi-instrumentalists Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse bring together their love for rock, blues, funk, and psychedelic sounds. The result is six tracks that will stick with you long after the album ends.

For instance, the final track “Sorry, Not Sorry” is undeniably catchy and it’s hard not to keep humming the melody long after the song has ended. Then there’s “Get Out” with its amped up vibe and a chorus that’s just begging to be sung along to.

But it’s “Now That You’re Gone” that will really tug at the heart. There is a distinct R&B feel to the track, but Calise and Morehouse really bring their own thing to a familiar sound.

Really, that’s the hallmark of Batfarm’s EP; it’s full of an unfamiliar familiarity. True, In The Belfry contains all of the best elements of music, everything from swooning piano accompaniments to powerfully punchy vocals, but there is almost a lament to the rock music of the ‘90s with an embracing of the latest production techniques. Perhaps that’s why it brings to mind bands like Roxette and Greta Van Fleet.

Still, Batfarm really has their own thing going on. Their music is dark, strong, and enticing, and it is definitely not to be missed

Batfarm’s In The Belfry is now available on their website, and through iTunes and Amazon. And don’t forget to check them out on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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