Product Review: Darco D9500 Medium Electric Bass Strings

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine, Issue 8

As guitar players, we write that sincere but edgy, inspiring personal triumph fight song, post about it on social media until your fingers are sore, and pour your heart out on stage until there’s nothing left but a puddle of your totally spent, yearning to be heard emotions. Now what is the one thing that can cause a complete breakdown of your moving, emotional, near religious live performance that brings the crowd to their feet, hands in the air, tears to their eyes but with smiles on their faces? A broken guitar string, that’s what.

“Feel and sound right”

Darco strings are made by the people who created “the” original tone and know the hard-earned value of being dependable. Darco strings are made of authentic nickel and steel for true strength, pleasing clarity, and consistent reliability. The best part is Darco strings do all this…for less. With their focus on what’s important and not on the flashy frills, they are—hands down—an unbeatable value so you can always have the strings you need when you need them. Even with a player’s TLC of their guitar, all strings will eventually break. With Darco strings, you can have extra sets, change them more often—like you should anyway—and get back to the divine acts of creation, recording, and performance.

“Tried-and-true design and construction”

With the Darco D9500 Mediums electric bass strings I was given to review (.45-.105), I put them on my trusty Fender Precision “Sid” bass and got to work. As their heaviest string gauge, they have a robust and sturdy feel to them, and when you plug in, they have a big and full tone. All new strings have an initial brightness, but after their break-in period, they settle in for their true voice. The Darco D9500s were right in line with the feel and sound of the other brand names you know that start with D, E, and G. I did the “close your eyes and just listen” test, and they sounded right where they should. Admittedly, there’s no special core, coating, or revolutionary new design, but that’s the point. They use tried-and-true design, construction, and features. You get strings that feel and sound right and that you can depend on. All this, for an excellent value. THAT is when less IS more!

“When less IS more”

While you’re at it, pick up a Martin string winder, as they’re super useful and handy.

Now I’ve got my Darco strings and a set in my guitar case, because you should always have extras, right?

Play more—pay less!

Price:  $16.99

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