Issue 8 – Spring 2019 – It’s All About the Bass

Interviews with Amanda Hamers, Amy Epperley, Angeline Saris, Ashley Reeve, Blu DeTiger, Carolyn Sills, Eva Gardner, Helene Webman, Ida Nielsen, Joyce Irby, Jules Whelpton, Lori Friday, Nik West, Rachel Gonzales Rhonda Smith, Shelby Means. Suzi Quatro, Suzie Vinnick, and Tanya O’Callaghan. Product reviews of bass and gear from Martin, Yamaha, Cordoba, PRS, Taylor, Darco Strings, Morley Pedals, Trace Elliot, Squier, and B&G Guitars. So much more!

Guitar Girl Magazine Spring 2019 Magazine cover
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Let’s get down to the bass…ics. If you love the bass and you want to play it well, then ask Tish Ciravolo, President of Daisy Rock Guitars and a great bassist herself, and she will tell you, it’s all about practice, practice, practice! Well, there may be more to it than that—like learning all about this wonderful instrument and the great artists past and present who played it—the instrument that puts the bottom in a song like a foundation for the rhythm and lead guitars to stand upon to wail or for a blues vocalist to tell a story over that melodic line.

Our 8th issue devoted to the bass and the women who play it has been so much fun putting together. I must say, when I started out on this journey, I did not have an adequate understanding of the importance that the bass played in music nor did I know that so many women had such command over this underestimated instrument.  So much to learn and so little time it seems to explore this magical world of music!

In this issue, you will not only learn about all aspects of the bass guitar, but you are sure to enjoy some excellent interviews with the likes of Nik West, one our cover artists and also one of our favorites, who played with Prince, along with other artists fortunate enough to play with the music icon, Ida Nielsen and Rhonda Smith. Additional featured artists include Angeline Saris, Tanya O’Callaghan, Rachel Gonzales, Eva Gardner, Ashley Reeve, and so many others. You will not only be introduced to these fantastic bass guitarists that are rocking on bass and bringing it on stage but…we have a special treat in store with an interview with rock legend Suzi Quatro!

This issue is so exciting and full of great information on our industry and the awesome artists who make the music we love; why even the cover invites the passerby to want to dive in and get all the scoop on what’s going on and who exactly are these women that rock!

For reviews, we’re checking out some acoustic and electric basses from Martin, Fender, Yamaha, PRS, Taylor, B&G, and Córdoba, as well as some gear and accessories from Darco, Morley, and Trace Elliot. We’ve got some great recommendations for some basic pedals to guitars and a few lessons and tips to get you started on your journey to learning more about the bass.

Lots of good stuff from interviews to gear reviews and all the fun things you have come to expect from Guitar Girl Magazine, like “Ask Alexx,” “Kirk’s Korner,” Adult Coloring, I Spy, Trivia and Contests, book reviews, and so much more.

So, dive in and take a ride, it’s good—no it’s great!  You will love what you discover in these pages … after all, it’s all about the bass!

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