Claire Coupland Releases New Single “1000 Miles From A Dream”

Claire Coupland
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Canadian indie-folk singer-songwriter Claire Coupland drops “1000 Miles From A Dream,” a track lifted from her forthcoming second album, New Light, slated for release in 2023.

Speaking about the track, Coupland shares, “A powerful and driving song with a laid-back and intentional groove.”

“1000 Miles From A Dream” narrates the tale of a woman trapped in a disastrous, abusive marriage, from which she finally flees. Carrying a single suitcase and enough money to buy a train ticket, she departs.

Written while sequestered in lockdown, wherein Coupland found time to finish songs that had been sleeping, awaiting arousal, the upcoming album’s themes include goodbyes, existentialism, homesickness, connection, and cautious hopefulness. Produced by JUNO-winner Sam Weber, New Light was recorded in Los Angeles.

Opening on an alluring, low-slung, syncopated rhythm, “1000 Miles From A Dream” flows into a cashmere, sparkling melody topped by Coupland’s nuanced, lusciously evocative voice, vaguely reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, yet more expressive.

Coupland’s cap-a-pie polished tones imbue the lyrics with haunting sonic gesticulations.

“Coins in her pocket jangle / Enough to make the train / Hair in a hurried tangled / Arrangements set in place / Cold trigger by her side / And the moon on her wing / For all the troubled nights she cried / Now she sings, 1000 Miles From A Dream.”

The feel and flow of the tune, gentle and oh-so graceful, ripples with layers of exquisite textures and gliding movement, giving the song a spellbinding, nomadic drift.

Dripping with blues-flavored guitars laced with hints of jazz savors, “1000 Miles From A Dream” reveals the gorgeous complexity of Claire Coupland’s voice.

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