Wathen Audiophile Unveils New CryoTone™ Tube The Texas Special 12AT7-WCT

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Kemah, TX—June 13, 2017—Adding to the company’s successful line of CryoTone™ Tubes, Wathen has announced the release of the new Texas Special 12AT7-WCT. Offering some big Texas Tone this tube is harmonically-rich with a massive yet articulate soulful, seductive flavor.

Wathen selects specific tubes that meet their strict specifications. Each tube is tested and recorded raw, prior to administering the proprietary cryogenic treatment. After the proprietary deep CryoGenic process is applied, Wathen tests each tube again. They are individually analyzed for Microphonic and Sound. Tube measurements of noise, transconductance and gain levels are recorded and supplied with each CryoTone™ purchased.

Wathen CryoTone™ tubes have a much quieter noise floor than other tubes; new or old. The quieter tube also allows it to operate more balanced with much less total harmonic distortion in the clean power range and when driven into distortion on purpose with a guitar amplifier the results are amazingly complex and musical rather than fizzy grit or scratch.

Wathen CryoTone™ Tubes include:

  • Expanded dynamic range
  • Smoother and more refined high frequency range
  • Increased bass, depth and articulation
  • Deeper and more focused three dimensional soundstage
  • Lowered noise floor
  • Reduced microphonics
  • Smoother and more defined midrange
  • Lower operating temperatures and extended tube life

Feedback from the pros::

  • Derek Williams “Do yourself a favor and sell one of your tubescreamer clones, and go buy a set of these screaming “
  • Uros Raskovski “……….I am stunned by how much difference these tubes made in dynamics, feel, fluidity
  • Joey Allen “I slipped Cryotone Tubes into my Hughes and Kettner GrandMeister 36 and BAM…instant brown tone! These tubes ROCK!!!”
  • “Julz” Julian Garcia “Holy Crap.It’s insane hearing a before and after (especially of something I was currently pleased with). The Wathen CryoTone tube added much more clarity and pronounced the high end with such clarity. I think it redefined ”
  • Laurence Bell “For me Wathen Audiophile CryoTone tubes are the only way to go. The sweet spot is huge. I’ve never sounded more “in tone”.

Michael Swart “…this Cryo 12AX7 sounds GREAT in the first stage of our amps… VERY SMOOTH, seemingly  more complex, with more THERE, if that makes any sense…”

The Texas Special Wathen CryoTone™ 12AX7-WCT will be available online July 1, 2017 At www.wathenspeakers.com for $110

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