TuneCore and INDMUSIC Team to Provide YouTube Monetization Support and Toolset for Artists

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TuneCore and INDMUSIC Team to Provide YouTube Monetization Support & Toolset for Artists

Both Company’s Artists Can Access TuneCore’s Music Publishing Service & Opt to Join INDMUSIC Network

PRESS RELEASE:  TuneCore, the premiere digital music distributor and publishing administrator, today announced a new partnership with INDMUSIC, YouTube’s largest independent music network, to help TuneCore Artists get paid more efficiently for the use of their music on YouTube.

Navigating music rights and management on YouTube is often challenging, both for the artists and the music licensee. Through their partnership, TuneCore and INDMUSIC, a YouTube Certified network, will protect and empower independent music content creators to fully monetize their YouTube views while retaining creative control and rights to their content.Starting today, all artists from both TuneCore and INDMUSIC’s customer-base are offered the opportunity to capture more revenue from their YouTube views by signing up for TuneCore Publishing Administration and the INDMUSIC Multi-Channel Network.

“TuneCore is uniquely positioned to help artists protect their music and find opportunities to generate revenue on YouTube,” says Scott Ackerman, TuneCore President and COO. Ackerman continues, “Over the past months, we’ve spoken with hundreds of our artists to understand deeply how we can best help them succeed in the YouTube marketplace. We want our artists to earn the money that is rightfully theirs from YouTube when others use their music in videos. For the artists who already use TuneCore as their publishing administrator, we’re working with our partner INDMUSIC to use strong, proprietary Content ID query tools to find more uses of the artist’s music in user generated content (UGC), then authorize YouTube to put ads on those videos. We can collect the most money for our artists on YouTube since we manage both rights, with TuneCore administering the Composition rights and INDMUSIC managing the Sound Recording rights. Together, ourteamsare the best in the business in resolving rights disputes, collecting royalties for artists and providing transparent accounting. We’re also offering the highest payout to artists.”

With the launch of these new products, any artist can now enjoy these four key benefits:

  • YouTube Best Payout:  Artist keeps 90% of all Composition royalties and 80% of all Sound Recording royalties earned from others using the artist’s songs and compositions in YouTube videos (If an artist wants to whitelist their channel, they keep 100% of the royalty for their channel.).
  • YouTube Earnings Optimization:  We’ll find more matching content using our proprietary Content ID query tools.
  • YouTube Multi-Channel Network and premium CPM ad sales partners.
  • Publishing Deal:  Includes global registrationof compositions and collection of over 13 royalty types outside of YouTube. Also includes placement of TuneCore distributed compositions in the Sync Licensing Database used by Music Supervisors to discover music for Film, TV, Video Games and more.

“As a YouTube-certified music network, we’re able to administer rights and advise our network partners on best practices specific to YouTube to yield the best revenues and channel strategy for artists,” said Brandon Martinez, INDMUSIC’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We meet so many artists who don’t know where to begin nor how best to use YouTube. By partnering with TuneCore, we’ll be able to leverage our over 2 million network subscribers and over 2.5 billion network views to maximize their artists’ visibility and the revenues they deserve.”

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration clients will automatically get the new YouTube Content ID Management service as part of the $75 one-time set up fee that also covers global registration of and royalty collection for an unlimited number of a songwriter’s compositions. Artists will earn an industry-best 90% of all Composition royalties and 80% of all Sound Recording royaltiescollected from the use of their compositions and songs in YouTube videos on other people’s channels.

About TuneCore

TuneCore is the premiere digital music distributor with one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. TuneCore Music Distribution, for an annual flat fee, provides an effective, affordable solution for artists, labels and managers to distribute to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play and other major download and streaming sites and enables artists to keep 100% of their sales revenue and all of their rights. TuneCore Artists, who range from newcomers to high-profile performers, have earned over $330 million on over 4 billion downloads and streams and shared their successes within theartist community.TuneCoreMusic Publishing Administration licenses and registers songwriters’ compositions and collects royalties worldwide. TuneCore and INDMUSIC enable artists to fully monetize their music on YouTube. TuneCore is based in Brooklyn, NY and is backed by Opus Capital and Guitar Center.


INDMUSIC is YouTube’s largest independent music network with over 2.5B video views to date across its 270+ artists and labels including Decon, Mad Decent, Reach, okayplayer, Temporary Residence, Insomniac Events, A-Trak, and Lord Huron. Music on YouTube currently has poor monetization due to fractured rights’ issues – INDMUSIC solves this problem by specializing in optimization, monetization and analysis of YouTube distribution strategies for independent music content creators. INDMUSIC helps its partners monetize YouTube views without sacrificing creative control or rights to their content. The company was instrumental in claiming thousands of User Generated videos using Harlem Shake, which translated directly into increased digital download sales and generated valuable demographic, geographic and viewer watch habit insights for the artist, label (Mad Decent) and INDMUSIC. Founded in 2011 by Brandon Martinez and Jon Baltz, INDMUSIC is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

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