The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour – Get Your Tickets in Advance

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Sunday May 24, at San Diego Park, The Rolling Stones Zip Code tour started. This will be the band’s first worldwide tour coming through North America since 2007.

With this said, there is much anticipation surrounding tickets for the Zip Code Tour and how fans are going to get those tickets. With a staggering $560 million worth of tickets being sold in 2007, it’s said to be the second highest grossing tour ever, this one is likely to top it with advanced ticket sales.

The tour, which is alluding to the Sticky Fingers album, will be heading to a number of cities in the US. There are 15 shows set to be played in stadiums, speedways,and festivals. AEG Live Tour Group will be in charge of putting it all together for the band and fans. In nearly every facet of touring the Stones have led the way. They have influenced virtually every business venture from sponsorship, to endorsements, to ticket sales, and the economy in general. This tour however, paying homage to the 1971 album, has a bit of a “vintage” or retro feel to it.

The May 20 warmup show in LA featured all hits from Sticky Fingers. However, other favorites including: “Start Me Up,” “Moonlight Mile” and “When The Whip Comes Down” were also played on set. This entire show has the vibe of a victory tour lap for the band; as it should, as they are the highest grossing and selling band to ever tour. Nobody comes close to being in the same zip code when it comes to touring, as the Stones are in, is what John Meglen who is co-president of Concerts West with Paul Gongaware had to say.

With various compelling acts, Zip Code won’t be any different than past shows. Opening acts are set to include: Kidd Rock, Brad Paisley, and Ed Sheeran, to name a few. The stadium shows are set to be mainstream, making it far more nimble for the band and the crew. Hi-def video with analog sound will set the tone beautifully. With a great band, you don’t need all the flash. Some of the lowest ticket prices will be offered for this tour, as no LA or NY dates are set in slate. Prices are as low as $30 in some cases, and non-VIP seats from $395 for lower level seating. Since the 2005-2007 tours, they have had far pricier ticket sales.

Keeping potential market brokers out of the picture has helped to keep prices down. Also, not going to mainstream cities, has helped in keeping prices down for the true fans who will be attending. Although ticket prices are lower, and there are more dates, Meglen claims he is sure tickets will be sold out at every venue. The tour is selling well in all venues, and anticipated sales are going to continue, allowing for max profits, without overcharging the fans for tickets on sale.

For those who are looking to dish out higher prices for tickets, the promoters have also begun earlier sale dates for better seating. Basically, sales were made so the money goes to the artists, not promoters as is generally the case with tours. Both the industry and artists win with this style of sales. The past few years were busy for the Stones with two tour runs in the Americas, and the 50th anniversary tour back in 2012. With nearly $300 million in ticket sales and over 1.2 million tickets sold, the Stones haven’t slowed down in recent years.

In several years the Stones were the highest grossing tours. This included the 89 Voodoo Lounge and 03 Licks Tour. In 2006 their tour was highest grossing along with U2. Since Steel Wheel, they haven’t toured, but have taken in $1.7 billion on the road and over 20 million tickets sold for about 600 shows. The band doesn’t seem to be calling it quits after this tour either. It will however be the final visit to many of the markets, which is reason for the “off the beaten path” style venues. Many places on tour are places they haven’t toured in a while, and are special to the band members.

The tour dates will be:

– May 24 Petco Park.

– May 30 Ohio Stadium (Kidd Rock)

– June 3 TFC Bank (Grace Potter)

– June 6 AT&T Stadium

– June 9 Bobby Dodd Stadium (Paul & Broken Bones)

– June 12 The Citrus Bowl (With Tempernace Movement)

– June 17 LP Field (Buddy Guy)

– June 20 Heinz Field (AWOLNATION)

– June 23 Summerfest (Buddy Guy)

– June 27 Arrowhead Stadium (Ed Sheeran)

– July 1 Carter Finley (the Avett Brothers)

– July 4 Indy Motor Speedway

– July 8 Comerica Park (with Walk the Moon)

– July 11 Ralph Wilson (with St Paul & Broken Bones)

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