The Masquerade Hosts Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour

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On a cool, dreary, rainy Sunday night at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia came a concert that was amazing! Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour rolled into town and gave an electrifying and powerful show! The line-up included: Falling for Scarlet, Diamante, Fit for Rivals, and Flyleaf. All the bands gave an electrifying performance, and the crowd responded with the same amount of energy.

Opening act, Falling for Scarlet, is one band that will definitely be “one to watch” as time goes by – the energy given off from their performance was well received by the audience. There was one point in their performance when they gave away a t-shirt to someone in the audience and, of course, everyone wanted one. The hard rocking sound of the bass, drums and guitar along with good vocals is something that this tour is made for. A great performance was given by Falling for Scarlet to prepare the audience for a great night of music.

Up next to play was Diamante, an all-female band with loads of talent. The vocalist introduced each member and gave them each a chance to play a short solo which showcased just how musically talented each member is. This was very well received by the crowd with a roar after each short solo. This is one hot band that knows how to rock out!

So far, so good – it was a great start to the evening with two hot rocking, energetic bands. The audience continued to grow as more fans arrived at the venue, and they were even more excited for the last two bands to play.

The audience was ready for Fit for Rivals to take to the stage – and take to the stage they did. Good vocals, good sound and a great high-energy performance was given by the band and the fans loved it.  An overall good, hard-rocking performance.

Flyleaf - Photo by Travis ShinnFlyleaf – Photo by Travis Shinn

Finally, the time had come for headliner Flyleaf to take the stage at The Masquerade. The audience roared with excitement before the band even set foot on the stage. The energy level throughout the venue was high and it was right on when the band hit the stage and struck the first chord.

Kristen from Flyleaf at the MasqueradeA high energy performance by Flyleaf would be an understatement. This band consistently delivers a high energy show wherever they are and this performance was no different. Fronted by Kristen May, this band gave a performance on the “Heaven” stage inside The Masquerade that was worthy of a stadium audience.

To hear the song “Thread” live with all the energy this band brings to a performance was completely amazing. It was astounding how much energy Flyleaf brought to their performance captivating the audience with every song.

We had a chance to chat with Kristen a couple of weeks ago about the band and the tour, so be sure and check it out.

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Revolver brought the hottest chicks in hard rock to Atlanta, Georgia and that is exactly what the audience at The Masquerade got. Each of the bands brought an energetic performance with hard-rocking music. Hot chicks, great music, and an awesome time was had by all who were in attendance. And, these chicks aren’t just hot, they’re extremely talented!

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