The Human-Curated Sound of Workplace Listening: How AccuRadio Quietly Converted a Growing Number of At-Work Users to Loyal Listeners

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People want good music at work, without having to finesse a playlist or pay for specialized tech. AccuRadio, the leading independent online music streaming platform, found a way to give it to them. The company has dedicated the last two years to developing at-work listening by providing an experience designed to enhance the workday, with curated but personalizable channels that increase concentration, relaxation, and focus. Originally created in 2000 by radio industry expert Kurt Hanson to show his radio broadcaster friends some ideas they could use to give their online listeners a better experience — including increased variety and user personalization — AccuRadio has grown into an easy-to-use full-scale radio replacement, curated for “tune in and leave it on” listening by a team of human music lovers, musicians, and genre experts.

The workplace focus has paid off, making AccuRadio a leader in at-work lean-back streaming, with a top-ten global ranking and a unique fan base of at-work listeners, one that’s grown 70% on average over the last five years. It also resulted in the longest listening session times in the industry. Since making at-work listeners a priority, AccuRadio’s time spent listening (as measured by Triton Webcast Metrics) has averaged over 2 hours – two to three times greater than times measured on the other highest-performing webcasters.

“Our features are ideal for workplaces, where people need to find high-quality programming that will keep everyone productive and doesn’t require extensive fiddling and ‘thumbing’ and clicking to get right,” explains Hanson. “Our long session times — two hours or more per listening session —speak to both the strength of our content curation and our service’s easy integration into the experience at many offices and businesses.”

Finding something pleasing to listen to is remarkable simple on AccuRadio. Thanks to over a thousand personalizable channels curated by human music lovers, regular listeners can access a wide variety of thoughtfully-curated music channels that includes popular genres and songs, as well as fun, unusual collections not found elsewhere.

A few popular examples of available channels: Bubblegum (the poppiest 60’s), Fuzz Factory
(garage, psych, and space rock), Calling All Pipers (Celtic), Hey Hey We’re the ‘60s (classic top 40 AM radio), A Flock of ‘80s (pop, rock and new wave from the early MTV era), and “Rock ‘n’ Stereo” (a tribute to the glory days of AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) radio, when such stations played everything from Stephen Bishop to Led Zeppelin to the Zombies). The service is 100% free to use, supported by advertising sold exclusively by DAX USA.

Listeners also can support their favorite causes when tuning in, something not offered by other services. AccuRadio has long donated a portion of all revenues to listener-chosen charities during the holiday season and during other special events. “Our spirit, music, and user experience fit well into a lot of businesses’ and offices’ work cultures,” Hanson notes. “We’ve worked hard to make it that way!”

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