Terminal West Hosts Larkin Poe Launch Party for New CD “Kin”

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Terminal West at King Plow in Atlanta, Georgia hosted an album launch party for the Atlanta-based sister duo, Larkin Poe, on Friday night, October 24 for the recent release of their debut CD titled “Kin.” The bill featured performances from Matrimony, Friends and Family, with Larkin Poe as headliners.

Terminal West offers a quaint and cozy venue with a stage big enough for great performances. I, personally, like the balcony view of the stage which is off the rooftop deck. It is a great area to watch bands perform.

The atmosphere at Terminal West that October night was one of high energy and anxious excitement ready to listen to a great night of music. This energy and excitement is exactly what all three bands brought to their performances, as well.

First to take to the stage at Terminal West was Matrimony. A good performance with a nice mixture of changing instruments to change up the sound. From a banjo to a mandolin, this band had a nice response from the small audience before the crowd grew. Matrimony made new fans that night for sure. Their look is more hipster alternative, but their sound is more rock alternative, with a bit of a folk twist which works very well. They played a good set.

The second band that took to the stage was Family and Friends and they had a rambunctious energy to them as even more of a crowd entered into the Terminal West venue. Their sound is alternative rock. Both opening acts for Larkin Poe gave high energy, crowd pleasing performances.

Anticipation filled the air as every audience member waited for Larkin Poe to take to the stage. 

Finally, the headliners took to the stage amidst a loud roar of screams from the audience and definitely got the response they deserved and gave a stellar performance. Both sisters were dressed in black – one in a black mini-dress with sheer sleeves and ankle boots, the other in a black and gray ¾ sleeve blouse with black pants paired with black boots.

Larkin Poe at Terminal West King Plow in Atlanta GA

Larkin Poe played songs from their new album as well as earlier material. Their musical talent as they played their instruments was very apparent to the audience as they responded well to each and every song that the sisters and their band played throughout the set, with many dancing and getting into the music.

Sisters Rebecca and Megan play their own instruments, write their own material, and convey their love of their music through their onstage presence, which is what making wonderful and long lasting music is all about. The future is bright for Larkin Poe.

Good sound and great performances came from the stage at Terminal West on Friday night and all three bands came away with new fans. Music is at its best when it is live – it gives life an energy to all music fans everywhere.

If Larkin Poe comes to your town, be sure and make it a point to catch their live show. Visit their website HERE.

Larkin Poe | Kin (Album Teaser)


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