Ten Artists to Watch in 2015

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By Karen Hill
Here is my list of female Indie singers/guitarists that I recommend you watch out for in 2015 (many of whom we interviewed this year):

1- Ava Mendoza

Originally from Oakland, California, Ava’s musical style varies between heavy rock, avant jazz and country/blues, and she has even played contemporary classical. She has recently formed a band project, a trio known as ‘Unnatural Ways’, who despite only been going since 2012 have toured Europe and parts of the US.

2- Miss Tess

Brooklyn based Miss Tess (from Miss Tess and the Talkbacks) combines swinging themes, rockabilly and throwback country styles. Miss Tess and the Talkbacks have recently released ‘The Love I Have for You’ which plays homage to Tess’s favourite singers including Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt.

3- Orianthi

Orianthi Pangaris has played alongside Michael Jackson in concert and in Alice Cooper’s touring band. She has also been Carrie Underwood’s lead guitarist. Her latest album, ‘Heaven in This Hell’ is inspired by rock and blues sounds and has reached No 35 in the US Independent Albums charts.

4 – Juliette Jules

Parisian Juliette Jules is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, piano and synths, finding inspiration from musicians such as Patty Smith and Leonard Cohen. At the age of just 16 she released her first EP ‘Black Crow’. She has recently travelled to Vancouver to work on more songs and enjoys creating atmosphere of her thoughts and feelings when composing songs.

5 – Alice Sungurov

Alice Sungurov is predicted as a rising star of 2015. Her single ‘So Blind’ shows hints of Wendy James/Taylor Swift, being a modern song with a retro feel to it. Multitalented teen Alice (born in New Jersey, US) not only sings and plays guitar, but also violin and piano. She has also started a video blog where she speaks about diverse topics ranging from self-improvement to baking! She believes ‘life is fun and everything is possible’.

6 – Joanne Shaw Taylor

Blues singer Joanne Shaw Taylor is originally from Birmingham, England. She was discovered by none other than Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame and has played guitar in Annie Lennox’ band in London at the Diamond Jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace. She has won Best Female Vocalist at the British Blues Awards two years running and has received praise from Stevie Wonder!

7 – Leanne Kingwell

After a hiatus, Leanne Kingwell (from Melbourne, Australia) is back with a vengeance. Her albums ‘Show Ya What’ and ‘Choking on Halos’ have received great reviews. Leanne has a soft spot for animals and is involved in animal rescue programs. Leanne has been titled ‘the queen of Aussie Rock’.

8- Louise Aubrie

Louise Aubrie (originally from London, but based in New York) combines indie post-punk rock with rock and pop melodies. Her album ‘Time Honoured Alibi’ can be compared to Kirsty MacColl or Transvision Vamp in its style. She has very recently gigged in New York, and owns many guitars including a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Strat and a Fender Mustang Bass.

9 – Christina Rubino

Brooklyn native and musician Christina Rubino was so inspired as a child by Janis Joplin’s chorus to ‘Piece of my Heart’ that she jumped straight on a bus to buy a basic nylon stringed classical guitar! Previously of Depeche Mode cover band ‘Violater’, Christina is back as a Solo Artist and has been compared to an array of singers including Linda Perry and Johnny Cash! Her album ‘A-live From The Scrapheap’ has been described in her own words as “saving her life”.

10 – Amelia Scalies

Hailing from Pennsylvania, 15 year old Amelia has already achieved so much for her young years, including Strawberry Festival Battle of the Bands. Her songs focus on the human experience/universal theme and move audiences well beyond her years. She released an anti-bullying song on her album ‘I Should’ve Known’ entitled ‘Don’t Let Them Win’ encouraging children to speak up and speak out. She is a very inspiring young lady and would love to share the stage with Hayley Williams. She has already toured the US and England and has been nominated by WSTW Radio in Delaware in 2014 for three local awards: Best Song for her track ‘More Than Words’, Best Female Artist and Best New Artist.

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