Summer NAMM 2017: Uhland Guitars Thinking Outside the Box with New Internal Sound Board

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Jim Ferguson, the founder and owner of Uhland Guitars is proud to announce a patent-pending design for all acoustic or semi-acoustic instruments that greatly enhances the acoustic properties and overall performance of the instrument. The design on display here at the Summer NAMM integrates a high quality internal spruce soundboard into a semi-acoustic Guitar, the first of its kind QR 175. About the size of a Les Paul, the QR 175 has more acoustic sound than larger semi-acoustic guitars sold on the market such as the ES 335. The bridge does not sit on the top of the instrument, but on this internal spruce sound board which makes for a much larger acoustic sound as you can see and hear demonstrated at booth 2008 in the main exhibit hall. It has been said that there hasn’t been anything this dramatic happen to acoustic instruments since Orville Gibson designed the arch top over a hundred years ago. One of the most useful and remarkable features of an internal soundboard instrument, is that it separates the acoustic sound producing qualities of an instrument from the other functions of the exterior of the instrument. Because the pickups are mounted to the top of the guitar, which is built much heavier since the tone producing quality of the instrument is not depended on its resonance anymore, it has a solid electric sound with great sustain as well. We look forward to demonstrating this innovative acoustic design to you when you come see us in the exhibit hall at booth 2008. Come see how we are “Thinking Inside the Box!”.


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