PRS Guitars on their Archon Amp Family

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In December of 2013, Paul Reed Smith unveiled a new 100 watt amplifier called the “Archon.” Initially designed and positioned to be a “high-gain” amplifier, the Archon’s aggressive overdriven tones and ample headroom with sparkling cleans immediately caught the attention of guitar wielding heavyweights including Dustie Waring (Between the Buried and Me), Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge and Tremonti), Emil Werstler (Chimaira), and Zach Myers (Shinedown). The amp debuted in a high-design, 100/50-watt package (via a half power switch). Later in 2014, 50/25-watt and 25/13-watt versions were added to the line.

The Archon’s fierce, rich, and articulate gain tones are notable, but with the introduction of these lower wattage versions, the Archon has taken on a life of its own because of its versatile and dulcet clean tones, which have unanimously become the true differentiating feature that sets Archon apart. This is best realized with the lower wattage settings (25 and 50 watt combos especially) when applied to volume dynamics, power amp response, and the resulting tones coaxed by this sheep in wolf’s clothing. By approaching the amp from the clean channel and working toward the lead side, starting with the lowest possible gain setting, jazz, blues, rock and country players will find the Archon to be capable of “vintage” inspired tones on the clean side with the added benefit of being able to access to all the gain one could desire on the lead side.

PRS Archon 50 Combo
Using this understanding of the Archon’s set-up, it is easy to see how each member of the Archon family can be applied to a player’s needs.

  • The Archon 100 offers the most head room at the highest decibel level. PRS Amplifier Sales Manager, Jon Croft, suggests, “If you need it loud, tight and clean, the 100 Watt head is your animal.”
  • The Archon 50 head serves up all of the fierceness of the 100W with the comfort of a little power amp clip for a slightly different feel. Clean tones remain clean until the power amp is pushed, at which point the amp turns into a more “vintage” inspired amp.
  • The Archon 50 combo brings the package home to the smaller stage, the living room, and even to jazz and blues clubs. Using the amp as a “clean” amp that breathes when pushed, the open back 1×12 combo really comes to life as a versatile 50W tube combo. Punchy, deep and shimmery all at once, the 6L6 power amp section delivers all of the warmth one would expect from some of the “classics” but with the added benefit of an effects loop and a lead channel. Switch it down to 25 Watts, and this small combo takes on another life. Less headroom equals more awesome power amp clip and again nods to “vintage” type tube tones.
  • The Archon 25 combo continues down the path where the Archon 50 combo left off. Again using wattage as a way to achieve a “tone,” the clean channels provides a wide variety of tonal possibilities and still there is a 2nd channel with plenty of gain at one’s disposal if desired.

So when asked if the is Archon a “high-gain amplifier with a really good clean channel” or a “luscious, warm and tubey clean amp with a really good lead channel?,” PRS Amplifier Sales Manager Jon Croft responded, “Regardless of your demands and your tastes you will find that the Archon is both.”

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of high quality instruments in Stevensville, Maryland and has provided some of the world’s most renowned musicians with instruments since 1985. The PRS team of highly skilled craftspeople design and build a wide variety of musical instruments and gear for worldwide distribution, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars as well as boutique-style guitar amplifiers. The PRS SE line of products complements the Maryland-made PRS line by offering highly approachable and more affordable electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, John McLaughlin, Linkin Park, Orianthi, Opeth, Zach Myers of Shinedown, Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, Ricky Skaggs, Cody Kilby, Martin Simpson, Tony McManus, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks are among the artists currently playing PRS instruments and/or amplifiers.

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