Orange Amps Launches First Ever Accredited Online Guitar Exam

Take Your Music Exam Wherever And Whenever You Want

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Orange Amplification is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first accredited rock guitar exam system enabling students to take their exam whenever and wherever they want. This fresh approach to music exams is practical, accessible, affordable and delivers significant benefits for student and tutors alike.

Designed and delivered by a specialist music teaching team at Online Music Exams, the new online rock guitar exam platform features the following benefits in comparison to traditional exam systems: –

·         Saves Money with Free course material, backing tracks, and aural tests
·         Fewer Exams: New tier system reduces the number of exams from 9 (debut to grade 8) to 3
·         Less Pressure: Exams can be taken wherever and whenever you want
·         No Need To Travel to exam centers any more and no chance of being late!
·         Increased Comfort: Exams can be taken anywhere, being online has shown to reduce stage fright
·         More Choice: Choose any pieces you like to play within grade parameters
·         Quicker Results will be with you in days rather than weeks
·         Prompt Retakes when required
·         Comprehensive Marking Sheets complete with advice for improvement
·         Environmentally Friendly: The syllabus and exam are both online, no paper/ books needed
·         Secure and robust ID protocols

The Online exams have been approved and registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) with OFQUAL. This has been enabled through Orange Amplifications partnership with Online Music Exams and The Learning Machine.

This easy to use online exam system enables students to progress their rock guitar playing in a secure, comfortable, reduced stress environment at their own pace.  When the students are ready they can take the exam completely online which is captured via video recordings. Once completed, these recordings are automatically uploaded to the examiner who will mark and grade your exam.

This revolutionary new exam scheme, combined with Orange’s passion for both music and education offers more people than ever a pragmatic, comprehensive, inexpensive and user-friendly way to learn and develop their guitar playing

To find out more about the state of the art Orange Online Exam system please go to if it’s not being offered by your tutor ask them to take a look!

To find out more about Orange Amplification please go to

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