One of a Kind – Historic – Rock & Roll Tour Jacket Collection Goes on Sale by Robin Brazy

Rock & Roll Tour Jacket Collection
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PALM SPRINGS, Calif., March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What do Elton John, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, America, Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, and many more Iconic Music Artists have in common?

Rock & Roll Tour Jacket Collection

Robin Brazy (aka Robin Voigt & Robin B. Caldwell) – That’s What! All these artists and many more, commissioned Robin to create for them what became known as the Rock and Roll Tour Jacket or Concert Tour Jacket.

The first of these “Tour Jackets” was created for Elton John and his 1976 Concorde tour.

This collection of 19 original Tour Jackets includes the following:


·  Elton John 1976 Concorde Tours

·  Led Zeppelin – Toby Roberts Tours

·  America 1977 Harry Goes Surfing

·  The Beach Boys

·  Olivia Newton John -RSO Records

·  Mushroom Records -(Heart)

·  Peter Frampton – Wolf and Rissmiller

·  Windsong Records – John Denver

·  ABBA – 1979 Toby Roberts Tours

·  Columbia Records – Product Management

·  Avalon Attractions – Tour Promoter

·  29th Annual Grammy Awards

·  Record Plant

·  Caribou Ranch – Jim Guercio Recording Studios.

·  Springboard Presentations – Bill Alderman

·  Maryland Sound Industries

·  Gribbit

·  Sanford Townsend Band


The importance of this collection can not be understated. Prior to Robin’s creation of the Concert Tour Jacket, most promotions were done with T-shirts or product sales such as lunch boxes, posters, etc.

Robin’s Story is the quintessential American dream!  As a sixteen-year-old girl, Robin was working in the fashion district on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, Robin immersed herself in the world of design and manufacturing of custom apparel for up and coming musicians in the late 60’s. Then, when in her early 20’s, through chance and circumstances, found herself in the unique position to create the first Tour Jackets for Elton John’s 1976 Starship Tour.

Word of Robin and her creation traveled quickly through the music industry and she would go on to make jackets for many of the top touring performers of the era, including The Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Warren Zevon, America, Peter Frampton, Abba, Olivia Newton John, John Denver, Rick Nelson, Heart and many others.   Read more of Robin’s story … here.

This unique and one-of-a-kind collection comprised of 19 all original “First Sample” jackets are in excellent condition and would make a significant, historic, and valuable addition for a Private Collector, Museum or Music Venue. They are available for purchase for the first time.

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