Notable Guitar String Company, Dean Markley, Announces New Cable Line at Summer NAMM 2017

Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables Group photo
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Melville, NY – July 13th, 2017 – Dean Markley, one of the leading guitar string companies in the Music Industry, has just announced a new line of guitar cables. Dean Markley’s Blue Steel cables undergo the same proprietary cryogenic treatment as the legendary Blue Steel strings. This process slowly reduces the temperature of the cables to -320 F, changing the molecular structure to create long-lasting durability.

Blue Steel cables provide brighter highs, crisper, smoother lows and a transparent tonal quality that strengthens tone. The freezing process enhances the resilience of these cables.

“Dean Markley is a proven innovator in the accessories market and the Blue Steel Cable range continues that legacy, says John Stippell, Product Manager of Guitar Brands at Korg USA.  “The truly unique manufacturing process of these cables result in a more transparent, more durable cable that will instantly enhance the sound of any rig,” Stippell concludes.

The Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables will be available July 2017 starting at $29.99 and will be showcased at Summer NAMM’17 at the Korg USA booth #953. For more information, visit


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