New Overdrive from XAct Tone Offers Ultra Responsive Dynamics and Massive Range of Tones

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Nashville, Tennessee May 26, 2015 – XAct Tone Solutions is proud to announce the release of their new Winford Drive, one of the most versatile guitar effect pedals on the market and now available directly online or through dealers worldwide.

Named for the Nashville street where XAct Tone solves the sonic problems of the world’s top session and touring musicians, the Winford Drive adapts to a multitude of musical situations – from light overdrive on country stages, to big wooly distortion on the hardest rocking gigs. Its unparalleled touch sensitivity and dynamic response let it respond to the player’s style by working closely with playing dynamics and the guitar’s volume control. The pedal also allows access to a huge variety of distorted tones via its simple, but powerful controls, making the Winford Drive a versatile, ultra-responsive, and dynamic part of any guitar rig.

Guitar Player magazine says: “Delivering everything from light grit to crushing grunge, the Winford Drive is a flexible pedal that has it covered for just about any OD tone you might need.”

To celebrate the release of the Winford Drive, XAct Tone Solutions is also excited to announce the launch of our new website today where customers will now be able to buy their favorite pedals directly from the company.  Check it out at

For more information on the Winford Drive, please visit:

Retail $249.00 USD

Check out the introduction video to the Winford Drive here:


About XAct Tone Solutions (XTS)

XAct Tone Solutions builds products and provides services designed to assist our clients in achieving the absolute best tones available with professional performance, extraordinary quality, and outstanding value. XTS Custom Pedals are engineered to deliver on both tone and dynamic feel that are musical, working with your instruments and amplifiers to produce classic and modern guitar tones.

The XTS Custom Shop builds some of the world’s best guitar rigs. Each one is as unique as the person playing it. From a few pedals, to huge racks; from small true-bypass loop switchers, to large MIDI controlled FX routers; we have the experience and the expertise necessary to build the best performing and sounding guitar effect systems. 

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