Teton Guitars at Winter NAMM 2017

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Teton Guitars showcased their new models at The NAMM Show January 18-22 on their front porch at Booth #4430. The CEO of Teton Guitars, Tana Stahn, was onsite to discuss their new models and the company. Stay tuned for our interview with Ms. Stahn to discuss women in the music industry.

Tana Stahn CEO of Teton Guitars(Credit: Teton Guitars Facebook)

Teton Guitars is an American guitar company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho specializing in solid top acoustic guitars and ukuleles. The company was founded in 2010 in the shadow of the Teton Mountain Range, its source of inspiration. Models are designed in Idaho, USA and produced by luthiers in China. Teton Guitars is owned and distributed by Chesbro Music Company, a top 100 music industry manufacturer.

New Arm Rest Teton Guitars

teton guitars armrest acoustic guitar




Teton Guitars expanded its Arm Rest guitars with 5 new models being introduced at NAMM 2017. Taking Teton’s most popular model and adding a rounded, comfortably angled arm rest resulted in two models: the STS105NT-AR Teton Guitar and a cutaway electronic version, the STS105CENT-AR Teton Guitar. This is the first time an Arm Rest Teton Guitar has been offered with a solid Western Red Cedar top. These two models are offered at $599.99 MSRP and $799.99 MSRP respectively, yet they still feature the same comfort found on the 150 Arm Rest Teton Guitars.

Also being introduced are three new solid Sitka Spruce topped Arm Rest Teton Guitars, all at $999.99 MSRP, which includes the STS150CENT-AR-12 12-String Arm Rest, the STG150CENT-AR-L Left Handed Arm Rest, and the STC150CENT-AR Classical Arm Rest guitars. With these new 2017 Arm Rest models added to current models, the Teton Guitars Arm Rest series now features 11 guitars with 4 different body shapes – dreadnought, auditorium, grand concert, and classical – that are priced to allow all players to enjoy the comfort an arm rest provides.  





Teton Guitars Goes Exotic at NAMM 2017

Teton Guitars bragged about its new series of guitars, the Exotic Wood Series at the 2017 NAMM Show. The initial guitar that will launch the Exotic Wood Series is the $799.99 MSRP STS160ZICENT. This dreadnought guitar has a solid Sitka Spruce top and Ziricote back and sides.  Ziricote is a beautiful and unique tropical hardwood found in Central America. Some descriptions of Ziricote include spider webbed and multi-layered. The wood itself is very dark with blond sap wood. Because of its uniqueness, each guitar will be its own piece of art and have very individual characteristics that will allow players to feel like they have a one of a kind instrument. As always, cutaway electronic Teton Guitars feature Fishman components.  

“The reason we always come back to
NAMM is we get to see so many people that are
interested in our products, meet new dealers, and find opportunities to sell our guitars in new markets.”
– Ben Parker, Marketing and Brand Manager, Teton Guitars

Limited Edition Teton Guitars

Teton Guitars announced four limited edition guitars for 2017. The STG105CENT-TF is a twelve-fret version of our most popular acoustic electric model. By connecting the body at the twelfth fret, the bridge is moved further into the body, providing some very positive tonal qualities to an already great sounding instrument. 

The STBT100ENT is Teton Guitars first baritone guitar. This baritone features a solid Sitka Spruce top and Fishman electronics. The last two guitars come as a pair. The STJ130FMENT and STJ130FMENT-12 are jumbo guitars with Flame Maple back and sides. Available as a six string and a twelve string, each jumbo guitar comes with a Fishman INK pickup system. These guitars sound huge both acoustically and when plugged in. These limited edition models, showcased at the 2017 NAMM Show, will be available in 2017. 


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