Fender Launches Fender Tune for Android

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Today, Fender launches their easy to uses free guitar tune app, Fender Tune for Android, and is available now in the Google Play Store. 

Key features of the Fender Tune for Android include:

Auto Tune: Pluck a string, and the app hears the note and guides you into tune. A string-by-string diagram reflects each selected tuning.

Manual Tune: Tap a string on the interactive Fender headstock, and you’ll hear real instrument samples of the note.

Chromatic Mode: Play a string and tune to any note on the scale.

Tuning Variety: Choose from standard, open G, drop D, and nineteen additional tunings.

Beginner Tips: Basic, illustrated beginner tips will get you in tune in minutes, even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology: Used to provide the accuracy and precision that experienced players demand. 

To download Fender Tune for Android: click here.

For additional information on Fender Tune or additional Fender products: click here


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