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Lucy & La Mer is the LA-based indie project of singer/songwriter Lucy LaForge.  “Rebel Babe” is the new single off of their upcoming EP, I Feel Better Now due out later this year.  In an interview with Billboard where they talk about “her fellow rebel babes dismantling what the singer calls ‘binary thinking.’ LaForge says, “You can be somewhere in between straight and gay, you can be both feminine and masculine at the same time,” she tells Billboard. “It’s all a spectrum, and it’s fluid. Unfortunately in our society, people like to think that it’s black and white.”

In a Facebook post, Lucy gives a huge shout out to the following:

Cinematographer: Heath Saunders
Drone Camera: Jack Higgins
Editor: André Felix
Makeup: Ruth Torres
Featuring: Bugsy aka Katherine Eva
Dancers: Kai Hazelwood and Alyssa Tso
Rebel Babes: Shery Mae LaForgeSheldon ReedDolly DaggerLiv SlingerlandRuth Torres
Captains: Bill LaForge + Richard H. Shaw
Bros: Myke Wilken + Evan Blum
Special Thanks: Linda LaForge + Ben Abkaryan
Song Producer: Evan Blum

And MASSIVE thank you to our Kickstarter Backers who made this happen!

Lucy on “Rebel Babe” track:

I wanted to create a song that would feel good to perform – something that would lift me up when I don’t feel like I’m enough. “I’m a rebel babe” began as an affirmation first and then lyric for me. I’ve struggled a lot this past year with coming out and learning how to navigate people’s reactions. There is such a stigma around bisexuality and it’s easy to feel misunderstood when everyone around you is questioning your identity.

And there’s a lot of pressure to “look gay” or “look straight” – it feels like everyone expects you to take a side. That type of binary thinking inspired the song and especially the music video that I wrote for it. We have to let go of polarized thinking. You can be feminist and also be feminine, you can be queer and still be “girly.” There are so many wonderful identities encompassed on the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality that I find it ridiculous (and extremely burdensome) to expect individuals to fall into one of two categories.

Upcoming EP: I Feel Better Now  Next Single: “Got That Thing”


Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/LucyAndLaMer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LucyAndLaMer

Instagram: https://instagram.com/LucyAndLaMer

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXfV1bGq3hWL38fZ7aQ1Hw

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