Healing Through Music

My Round. 20 Human Stories. Battered not Broken.

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CARY, N.C., Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — North Carolina musician and songwriter Myles Travitz of Contrast Creative wrote My Round, a song of encouragement and resilience through life’s struggles, and shared it with his community. Nineteen human beings inspired by the song came forward, and, along with Travitz, shared deeply personal stories on camera of hardship and their fervent desire to triumph over prejudice, illness, racism, sexism, abandonment, addiction, disability and so much more.

“My only goal with writing music is to be honest with what I’m writing,” said Travitz, 26, who shares his own My Round story with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He is joined by storytellers including Mac, who identifies as transgender; Gracyn, who was abandoned as an infant outside of a government building in China; Patcha, an immigrant who faces discrimination and intolerance; and Don, who has Stage 4 lymphoma to name a few.

“The song My Round, it was just a perfect fit for me,” said Stardasia, a young mother who escaped a domestic violence relationship. “It sounds like a fight—a fight that can be won, but not without difficulty. The song really inspired me.”

“People are connecting with this song in numerous ways I couldn’t even fathom. The stories I’ve heard are so moving,” said Travitz.

In totality, the stories told are the stories of all of us, captured in a magical uplifting music video featuring all 20 participants.

My Round, produced by Contrast Creative where Travitz is employed as an editor and audio specialist, is “an inclusive volunteer project of kindness, empathy and decency,” according to Contrast Creative President Kathleen McDonald.

“There’s so much divisiveness in the world today. It’s nice to see something that brings people together, no matter your story, no matter how different you are,” said Harold Weinbrecht, mayor of Cary, at the recent release party for My Round. “This is especially important since divisiveness and hate seems to be the norm.”

Words. They have the power to demoralize or energize, humiliate or elevate, weaken on strengthen. Songwriter and musician Myles Travitz shared his lyrics with human beings and encouraged them to share their stories. The result of 20 stories in 20 days was powerful, unifying and healing.

Follow this link to watch all 20 My Round stories, introduced by Travitz, along with the music video that viewers are calling “inspirational” and “timely.”

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