Meghan Trainor teams up with Zumba to create exclusive choreography

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Pop-hit sensation, Meghan Trainor, has recently partnered with Zumba, “the world’s largest branded dance-fitness company,” according to a press release. The partnership features Trainor providing exclusive choreography to her newest single “No Excuses.” According to the press release, Trainor is the “first recording artist to star in an official Zumba choreography video, and her goal is to inspire Zumba’s community of 15 million people across 200,000 locations in 186 countries.”

In a general press release statement, Trainor explains that “I always hear my music playing in Zumba classes when I’m at the gym so I thought-let’s reach out to Zumba and create something for “No Excuses”…I want this choreography to empower everyone out there and to get on their feet, and I want them to think about respect and sassiness and loving yourself.”

“No Excuses” debuted on March 5, just a few days before International Women’s Day (March 8), and with previous launches, Zumba has solidified chart-topping success with Shakira, Shaggy, Pitbul, Lil Jon and Daddy Yankee, including Jason Deruo and Steve Aoki, to name several.

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