Madonna Top 10 Songs of all Time by Rdio

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In honor of the highly-anticipated new album by Madonna Rebel Heart which was releated around the world today and will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday, Rdio has pulled together the top 10 Madonna songs of all time!  The Material Girl’s legendary pop-gospel anthem “Like a Prayer” rings in at #1, while modern dance track “Hung Up” takes the #2 spot, followed by MDNA’s “Girl Gone Wild” at #3.  Rdio also compiled top songs together for 44 minutes of pure Madonna bliss for a playlist representing the most popular Madonna songs globally on Rdio, ever. 

A permanent fixture in headlines, controversy, and entertainment, love her or not, here’s the top 10 Maddona Songs of all time in anticipation of the new album next week and the Rebel Heart World Tour in August! 

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