Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Jillian Steele to release EP ‘Find ME’

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Influenced greatly from an intense marriage proposal from the chief of the Mombasa tribe in Kenya, Jillian Steele created her new EP Find ME due out February 21, 2017. Recorded at the Sound Emporium in Nashville, Jillian’s songs are beautifully layered with her organic and unique tone upon inspiring powerful lyrics.

At the age of 16, on safari in Kenya, Jillian found herself in a disturbing, mind-blowing  situation where she was considered a piece of property and offered to be bought for three goats and a camel.  She felt the feeling of being powerless and owned by another and was never more thankful for her freedom and the power to literally walk away.  Yet she could not help shake the thought of all those who were unable to just walk away.  Her first single, Property, expresses how no one should have ownership over another.  The message of personal power is repeated throughout her EP Find Me.

Growing up on Long Island, but now living in Nashville, the indie pop singer-songwriter developed an early love for performing and sharing her life with others.  Jillian began singing and acting in musicals and commercials.  After taking a break from acting, she turned inward to focus on her writing and telling her personal stories.  She found her new voice in songwriting – jotting down hundreds of experiences, ideas, and emotions and learning to truly express herself through lyrics.

Jillian Steele is on her own original path and she’s ready for the world to hear all about it. “Writing is as necessary to me as a good work out is for others…where you sweat so much your eyes sting,” she says. “I feel purged and renewed, not after the song is written, but only when it is out there for all to hear.”

Her first single “Property” from the EP is the first to be released, while the whole EP will be released fully over the next few weeks and will begin touring this summer.


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