Heather Nova is Back With Her 10th Record The Way It Feels to be Released this Summer

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June 15, 2015 (Brooklyn, NY)  Heather Nova is back with her 10th record “The Way it Feels” and it’s probably her best to date. It is imbued with an atmosphere that feels both natural and yet somehow otherworldly. There are echoes of Americana, a bit of dark folk, distinctive vocals and Heather’s trademark, great songwriting. It was recorded in Charleston, South Carolina with producers Josh Kaler and Jay Clifford. The result was a gorgeous laid-back atmosphere injected with hooky guitars, infectious rhythms and distinctive verse.

An indie rock contender throughout the 90s, Heather Nova shot into the new millennium a rising star in the US and Europe. Born to a Canadian mother and a father from Bermuda, she grew up on houseboat in Bermuda and used singing and music as a means of entertainment throughout her childhood. By 14, she was learning to play guitar and couldn’t get enough of Neil Young and Jimmy Cliff.

The NME hailed Heather’s first record “A stoned black olive among drab greens” and her second album “Oyster” topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic taking her on her first world tour. Her next album “Siren”, established her firmly in the world of indie rock, with singles charting worldwide. She performed at major festivals in Europe, the UK and the US as well as placing songs in major TV shows and film soundtracks. The common thread on all her albums have been songs that are raw, emotional and injected with hip pop melody. The London Evening Standard recently called her “one of pop’s most enduring enigmas” for good reason as she has always forged her own path despite all odds. Heather has also developed a large fanbase due to her unforgettable live shows and distinctive sound, she can lay claim to having one of the first rock bands to combine a cello with distorted guitars and top it all with her ethereal sirens-call voice.

“The Way it Feels” will be released this summer.

Visit Heather Nova’s website at www.heathernova.com

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