GHS Introduce Thin And Thick Core Boomers Guitar Strings

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GHS add to their ever popular Boomer string range with the addition of the Thin and Thick Core Boomers for electric guitars.
ghs electric guitar strings thin core extra light


The Thin Core Boomers have been designed to provide lightening quick action to enable fast speed runs to be combined with accurate arpeggios and musical bends. With these strings a player can dare to push the outer limits of pace and dexterity. The smaller core provides greater flexibility making them softer to use and giving the rapid sounds more clarity. The Thin Core Boomers are in available in Extra Light, Custom Light, Light, Thin-Thick and Medium sets with gauges ranging from 9 to LC52. 


ghs electric guitar strings thick core extra lightIn contrast the Thick Core Boomers are for players who want a beefier sound, which focuses on the low end, thick tones. The stiffer tension offered by these strings produces an exceptional sustain, which allows for greater emphasis of sound features. They are suitable for both standard and drop tuning, allowing players to drive their guitars hard. The Thick Core Boomers are available as Extra Light, Custom Light, Light and Medium sets with gauges ranging from 9 to HC56.
Both of these electric guitar string sets come in the new NitroPack with the Anti-Corrosion Guarantee. Whether used straight away, or kept in a gig bag, when opened GHS are so confident their strings will arrive factory fresh that they promise to replace, free of charge, any oxidized or corroded strings found in a new NitroPack.
To find out about the Thin Core Boomers the Thick Core Boomers and all the other GHS products, please go to

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