Georgia English announces first-of-its-kind illustrated album “Pain and Power”

photos of Georgia English, credit Molly Lins
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Georgia English announces the release of her third full-length album, and first-ever Illustrated Album “Pain and Power.” The forthcoming release documents English’s personal trauma healing through the lens of the ancient Hero’s Journey tradition, where the vulnerable hero goes on a terrifying adventure, is victorious against all odds, and comes home transformed.

The project has two components: a full-length album, produced in partnership with Josh Preston (of Me and the Machine Records), who played all the instruments, and an accompanying physical book containing color-pencil illustrations and lyrics of each song.

English states: “I wrote this album and book in a time when I felt I had fallen into the belly of an unidentifiable beast. Digging into Joseph Campbell’s writing and learning more about this global archetype connected me to language and ghosts I did not know I could access, and would ultimately lead to my healing from some traumatic stuff from my past.”

English’s understated lyrics have been a longtime fixture in the Nashville music scene, straddling the line of humor and human tragedy, with humility at the heart of it all. Music reviewer Comeherefloyd says of English “the deep and unique songwriting prowess of Georgia, can be seen from 10,000 feet up, where the obvious thoughtfulness and execution comes through with flying colors.”

The 14-track album follows the narrator through a sonic and visual journey, rich with oceanic scenes, mythological symbolism, and encourages resiliency and hope in the face of devastation. Intertwined throughout the more personal narrative are portraits of current-day America, the end of the Trump era, and a larger exploration of American trauma and its responsibility to heal itself.

Sample of inside of the book, Pain and Power (with focus tracks and their illustrations):


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