Fargen Amplification Launches Custom Shop Limited Edition Amps

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PRESS RELEASE:  Fargen Amplification announced today expansion of its Custom Shop, to include unique one-off and limited edition amplifiers and pedals, not available as part of Fargen’s standard line.

These circuits are based on Ben Fargen’s personal experience modding and building some of the finest amps over the last 15 years.  Ben personally designs these dream amps, working with master craftsman Jeff Earl to hand-select incredible woods for the cabinets, which are hand-built to optimize tone.  

“One of our first examples is our “Live Edge Red Cedar – Custom 20”, a one-of-a-kind amp inspired by vintage Brownface tones, and featuring a cabinet with natural log edges to retain the beauty of the natural lumber that was hand-selected for this specific piece” says Ben Fargen, founder.

Another example is the “1959 Lead & Bass Plexi” model, also a one-of-a-kind amp, featuring AAAA Tobacco Sunburst Curly Maple and capturing the best of the 60’s era gone, with some incredible tone and sustain.  “I am combining incredible woods with unique circuits that I have designed over the years, to build some really, really special works of art.  These are amps that achieve the pinnacle of tone, and make for a stunning addition to a guitarist’s collection” says Ben.

All Fargen Custom Shop Limited Edition amps are available on the Fargen website at  http://www.fargenamps.com/products/limited-edition-amps

The Fargen Custom Shop also offers Hot Mods amp modification kits as well as high-end accessories.

About Fargen Amplification

Fargen Amplification was founded in 1998 by Ben Fargen, known as one of the most innovative engineers and visionaries in the guitar amplifier industry.  He developed Fargen Amplification as a boutique amp manufacturer, and introduced the Sonic Edge brand in 2010.  Through its extensive dealer network spanning twenty-one countries, Fargen ships custom-built and production model amplifiers and effect pedals to discerning players across the globe. Fargen also provides world tour and studio amp support to many of the world’s most celebrated guitarists including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.  www.fargenamps.com

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