eMedia Music Releases Masters of Rock Guitar Software The Ultimate Way to Learn Rock Songs from Clapton, Hendrix, Santana, SRV and more

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Press Release:  eMedia Music Corp., publisher of the world’s best-selling series of guitar tutorial software, announces the release of eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar, the ultimate way to learn how to play some of rock’s greatest songs. Interactive Feedback on melodies as you play into your computer’s microphone makes learning these songs easier than ever before! eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar teaches songs made famous by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more. All guitar parts are shown in tab and standard notation with Animated Fretboard, variable-speed playback and looping selections of transcribed material. You can even remove the guitar or bass and jam with the band. 

eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar teaches the guitar and bass parts for 14 songs including “Behind Blue Eyes” (The Who), “All Along the Watchtower” (Dylan/Hendrix), “Oye Como Va” (Santana), “Before You Accuse Me” (Diddley/Clapton), “The Sky Is Crying”‘ (James/SRV), “Baby, I Love Your Way” (Frampton), “Magic Man” (Heart) and more. Tab and standard music notation is made easy to follow thanks to eMedia’s Interactive Feedback, Animated Fretboard, variable-speed  playback and looping. Music tracking highlights the notes and lyrics as songs play. 

The Animated  Fretboard shows fingerings synchronized to the music playback and displays even sophisticated techniques like bends, vibrato and slides. You can also highlight and repeat any section of a song. Slow the music down as needed and gradually speed it up as playing becomes easier. When you’re ready, turn off the guitar part and jam along with the rhythm section. 

eMedia’s Interactive Feedback and Performance Evaluation features will help you learn quickly and easily. The software listens through your computer’s microphone as you play along with the recording and highlights correctly played notes in melodic lines and solos. The notes are highlighted in green, yellow or red depending on whether the correct note, a nearby note or a far off note was recognized. 

eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar comes with several built-in accessories: an automatic tuner (complete with custom tunings as needed), a recorder (for use with the computer’s microphone), and a digital metronome. Artist biographies plus guitar and bass performance notes are included to round out the learning experience. 

eMedia Masters of Rock Guitar will be released in September 2014 and will be available in stores nationwide and online at an estimated retail price of $29.95. The CD-ROM will be a hybrid for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, and the software will also be available for download at eMediaMusic.com and through select online retailers.

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