Diamond Amplification and Bob Bradshaw’s Custom Audio Electronics Jointly Develop the New Dual Amp Selector

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Share One Cabinet for Two Amplifiers!

Monday, June 29, 2015Houston, Texas – Changing the way MI companies are doing business in today’s new MI market, Diamond Amplification (headed by Jeff Diamant), on the heels of their collaboration with Soldano Custom Amplification (headed by Mike Soldano), has collaborated again, this time with guitar rig guru Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics to launch the Dual Amp Selector. 

The Dual Amp Selector was developed to properly solve the problem of how to share a single speaker cabinet with two different amplifiers.  “For years, guitar players have wanted a way to switch heads into one cabinet (or even two cabinets run in parallel) to expand what they can do live, or even make things much more convenient at home, but there simply hasn’t been an effective, or quality solution,” stated Diamond’s President and CEO, Jeff Diamant.  “The Dual Amp Selector allows a player to safely connect two amps to one cabinet and switch between them with the click of a switch and give them access to the full array of tones from both amps,” Diamant continued. The Dual Amp Selector provides a guitar player the ability to share a single cabinet or two cabinets to access all channels of both amps at any time, have immediate access to a backup head for live applications, allow for one-click amp changing at home without having to re-wire or own multiple cabinets, simultaneously run a direct out for recording or into a mixing board, or even make their home studio much more convenient.  The Dual Amp Selector can even be chained together to allow control over three or four amps as well.

According to Diamant, “Bob and I have been friends for nearly 20 years. We’ve wanted to collaborate on a product for years now, but just needed the right product. Unfortunately, there have not been effective solutions to this age-old problem, but together, we figured out how to do it effectively, initially capitalizing on Bob’s custom rack-mount version.”  Diamant continued, “Bob and I really only know how to do things one way, high-end and reliable, and the Dual Amp Selector does not vary in any way from that approach. 

The Dual Amp Selector boasts a healthy array of features including: switch two amps (including combos) into a single cabinet, passive and buffered inputs, two parallel speaker outs, footswitchable, separate “direct” out, isolated outputs, high-end components and construction and the ability to use it for tube or solid state amps through an on-board switch.  As important, the Dual Amp Selector poses no risk to either amplifier with trailing effects, which other devices warn against.  And most importantly, the Dual Amp Selector is made completely in the US in Diamond’s Houston Custom Shop and priced to compete with a $399 street price.

The Dual Amp Selector will be offered primarily through Diamond’s new Diamond Custom Shop, but the initial product launch is exclusive to the Dual Amp Selector Launch Campaign through July 15, 2015.  The Dual Amp Selector will be available through US and Canadian retailers as well as international distributors sometime shortly following.

About Diamond Amplification and the Diamond Family of Companies:

Diamond Amplification, Inc., http://www.diamondamps.com, considered one of the premier amplifier manufacturers in the world. Diamond Amplification is relied upon on stage and in the studio by Gold and Platinum-selling recording artists, including, but not limited to: Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch), Tim Mahoney (311), Sully Erna and Tony Rombola (Godsmack), Jason Krause (Kid Rock), and John Corabi to name just a few.  Jeff Diamant (the President and CEO) is also responsible for Diamond Guitars, http://www.guitarsbydiamond.com, considered one of the fastest growing and most sought-after guitar brands in the industry and Diamond Tactical, http://www.diamondtactical.net, which manufactures the world’s only MOLLE System guitar and pedal board gig bags and accessory pouches allowing musicians to customize their guitar, bass or pedal board case to fit their specific needs as well as military and tactical gear.

About Custom Audio Electronics:

Custom Audio Electronics, http://www.customaudioelectroincs.com, headed by guitar rig and interfacing system pioneer Bob Bradshaw, has a 30 year history of building guitar rigs for the world’s most respected players including The Edge, Eddie Van Halen, Stuart Copeland, Steve Lukather and many more.  Custom Audio Electronics has offered an array of guitar rig interfacing products over the years including the Amp Selector, 4×4, heralded RS-10 Foot Selector and others as well has guitar rig development and building for players all over the world.

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