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April 17, 2018, Farmingdale, New York — As a pioneer in sustainability, D’Addario will be launching a social media campaign from April 19-22nd to highlight their efforts in honor of Earth Day. When D’Addario discovered that the drumstick industry uses almost 1,500 trees every day, we decided to do something about it. So, in 2013, we created Play. Plant. Preserve., Promark’s landmark reforestation program that replants the trees that are used to make drumsticks.

Company CEO Jim D’Addario says, “In many ways, this program speaks to D’Addario’s commitment, not only to our loyal players and social responsibility but also to our mission of building an ongoing, self-perpetuating cycle of music.”

For decades we’ve been pursuing every avenue imaginable to minimize our carbon footprint and do what we can to save the planet.  Using 100% eco-friendly packaging, recycling instrument strings, and planting trees in family-owned forests are just a few ways we’ve made an impact so far. It’s all part of D’Addario’s larger mission to create positive social change and remain fully committed to the environment.

Here’s how drummers help: for every purchase of Promark drumsticks, Promark provides seedlings to family-owned forests in Tennessee, restoring old forests and growing new ones too.

The goal is to replant every tree used by the year 2043. So far, D’Addario, Promark, and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry have replaced over 250,000 trees (and counting!).

Did You Know?

  • It takes over 30 years to grow 1 hickory tree. Promark is planting more as we speak.
  • Promark provides over 75,000 seedlings every year to family-owned forests in Tennessee.
  • The drumstick industry uses almost 1,500 trees every day. So far, we’ve replaced over a quarter-million (and counting!).
  • Promark aims high for zero waste. That’s why we have their own sawmill, to make sure 100% of every tree is used for something good.

When You Play Yellow, You Defend Green

For every pair of sticks purchased, Promark plants trees. As conscious creators and forward thinkers, Promark and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry are working hard to replant thousands of trees and make sure drummers are playing in sync with nature.

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