Ashley Riley Releases New Single ‘See You Around’ Today

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Video to exclusively premiere on the same day

Illinois-based singer-songwriter Ashley Riley releases her new single, “See You Around,” on August 26, 2014 (, with the video for the tune exclusively premiering on the same day (  The song (which is the follow-up to her latest album, All The Pretty Things, released earlier this year), was inspired by a falling out Riley had with a friend.  “Months went by and we moved on of course, but I found myself wondering how it would be to run into that person randomly somewhere,” Riley says.  “Would we say hi or ignore each other or scream and fight.  It’s fascinating to me to think about how someone who shared a lot of parts of your life can become a stranger after a while.”

Says Angela Stefano, editor of “The Boot is always eager to premiere new music from emerging artists. We’re excited to debut Ashley Riley’s video for ‘See You Around’ because the lyrics and the visual depict an experience almost everyone has been through.”

The track was recorded in Nashville in the spring of 2014 when Riley and her band (Matt Comerford on bass, Tyler Bundy on lead guitar and background vocals, and Ian Grindstaff on drums) participated in a program at The Blackbird Academy for future recording engineers. There, they were recorded by the students (Rachael Moore, Luke Reynolds, Charlie Treat, Lenny Juliano, and Josh Epifanio) who were instructed by Kevin Becka and his assistant teacher Jeremy Cottrell. 

The accompanying video’s premise came to Riley when she was making plans to shoot the clip and a friend suggested a local movie theater had a stage that she might be able to use.  “As soon as she mentioned the movie theater, my head was swimming with ideas and I was envisioning the whole story line,” says Riley.  Using local locations for a personal feel, the clip, shot by Riley and Melanie Harvel on a GoPro camera, illustrates the distance that can develop in a relationship.  “We filmed the band scenes first, and drove to a place out by where Matt works and set up a tripod and filmed ourselves,” Riley says.  “The argument scene took place at my house with just a tripod, and the theater scenes at the Avon Theater were shot by Melanie.”

With a voice that soars strong and full and hushes soft and sweet, Ashley Riley pulls you into her songs of life’s hardships and hopes.  Often compared to Stevie Nicks or Jewel, her sound is something you won’t soon forget:  roots-pop infused with finger-style guitar, and a subtle, dreamy hint of Mazzy Star.

Ashley first took the stage as solo performer in her hometown of Decatur, IL.  Playing anywhere and everywhere as often as possible, she quickly found her place in Decatur’s music scene.  In the summer of 2008, Ashley released her solo debut, Last One Standing.  Next, she teamed up with friends and fellow musicians Comerford and Randall Grimes, Ashley was inspired to head back into the studio and release her second full-length, Most Likely To… in the summer of 2010.  Her most recent album, All The Pretty Things, was released in February of 2014.

Press fell in love with Riley’s music:

“The instant you first hear Ashley Riley’s intoxicatingly sweet vocals and catch the tinge of a delicate warble that colors her tone, you are drawn to them just as you would be attracted to any object of beauty. However, it’s the slight traces of earthy grit around the edges offering shades of intrigue that ultimately pull you in deeply and rivet your attention. On her latest offering, All The Pretty Things, the sparse arrangements allow her voice to effortlessly hold sway over the music and the result is an intensely captivating album of intimate expressions.” –

“All The Pretty Things is engaging stuff, both rootsy and soft, as Riley provokes with complicated, though gently offered, lines.  …Those who enjoy complex singer-songwriters will find Riley’s distinct voice rewarding.” – Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Riley separates herself from the herd with beautiful breathy singing, a keen sense of melody and the right amount of keys and strings in the equation. Somewhat like a younger version of Patty Griffin, she has gritty, rootsy moments but also has an easy going pop feeling that should have mass appeal. One of the best obscure female artists I’ve heard in, well, ever.” – New Noise Magazine

“Self-described as ‘dreamy alternative folk’, Riley’s two strongest tools – her soft, sweet voice and swift guitar playing – are the core of her introspective songs, though she’ll also use a full band and employ pianos, too. Lovely harmonies and Riley’s penchant for memorable songcraft give her my vote for the unknown female songstress everyone would be wise to spend time with.” –

“Ashley’s album is… a gorgeous collection of nine beautifully crafted songs that encompasses all that is valued in the folk/rock/acoustic scene. Added to her exquisite vocals, Ashley shows she’s no mean song writer in both lyrical content and melody construction. …Straight from the acoustic opener ‘Made of Dreams’ through to the tranquil closer ‘Lie To Me’, where Ashley shows she’s the master of the slow song, Americana fans will drool over the enchanting quality.” – Three Chords and the Truth

“With a voice and style somewhere between Jewel and Martina McBride, Riley sings wistfully and invites us into the soft world she has created.” – Innocent Words Magazine

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