Fashion Icon: Katy Perry

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It’s not easy for a girl to be an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician in the public eye; but to look good while doing it is even more amazing.  Luckily, this Guitar Girl Magazine Fashion Icon does it flawlessly and makes it look effortless.  Could there be any more reasons why we love Katy Perry?  Yes, her stellar fashion sense.

Katy Perry originally hails from Santa Barbara, California, receiving her formative musical influence from gospel recordings.  Perry has blossomed into an innovative talent within the industry, famously being the only artist to spend over 52 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100; thus breaking that record even further and extending it to 69 weeks.  She has been nominated for countless awards, including eight Grammy’s.  Beyond her musical career, this girl has impeccable style, which is completely her own.  She dances around fantasy inspired pieces and playful ensembles, always full of vivid colors, interesting graphics, and futuristic textures and silhouettes.  Perry has paved the way in interesting fashion choices, however always remaining true to her personality and individual style.


When it comes to events, Perry is no stranger to the unique and over-the-top.  In fact, she welcomes these fashion looks.  Perry pulls humor into her red-carpet duds, sometimes in the form of outrageous hats, headpieces, or wings, and other times in the form of shapes and patterns.  To mimic her killer style for events, try something out-of-the-box and grab anything that sparkles.  Conversely, Perry also loves to glam it up, with decadent evening gowns, layers of tulle, or intricate embellishments.


Perry’s performances are where her elaborate fashion sense really kicks in.  She’s famous for sequined bustiers, high-waisted hot-pants, and costume-like dresses; not to mention, matching colored locks.  Perry doesn’t place restrictions on her style when she’s on stage, she expresses herself freely.  To follow in her footsteps, wear what you love and what makes you feel good about being a performer.  Pick pieces that will definitely “wow” the crowd and add a bit of fun to your set.  And don’t forget to match your guitar and strap to your outfit.  Pictured in the center below is Katy Perry wearing her Copperpeace “Glovely” guitar strap.

Bumbershoot 2009


Every guitar girl has her days when she can relax and dress down.  Perry is all about comfort when it comes to casual street style.  This includes slouchy, off-the-shoulder blouses, skinny jeans, or cute rompers.  Accessorize with a fabulous pair of sunglasses, lace-up boots, or the ideal cross-body bag.  Even when Perry’s not on stage, she still sports cool rocker style.

Katy Perry’s creativity and boldness are what set s her apart from other guitar girls.  She exudes confidence, excitement, and charisma. This combination of personality and personal style is what makes her fashion icon worthy.

CREDITS: Weheartit, Billboard

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