Product Review: Luna Mermaid Acoustic Guitar

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As a guitar teacher there have been many instances where parents have asked for recommendations for a small child’s first guitar. I have found that too many young children end up with a nylon string guitar with a wide neck and high action. The poor kids can barely reach the first string!

I had an 8 year old student who owned a Luna Mermaid 3/4 size guitar and it was easy for her to learn chords and reach all of the strings. This guitar also stays in tune well and the color and mermaid artwork is really unique. The price, playability and looks of this guitar make it a great first guitar. If the child cannot reach all of the strings easily, playing guitar will be a struggle and they may not stick with it.

So if you are in the market for a first guitar for a young child, I highly recommend the Luna Mermaid.


  • Small dreadnought body
  • 21-3/4″ scale length with 1-5/8″ Nut width
  • Maple neck and fingerboard
  • Covered tuners
  • Crescent moon around the sound hole
  • Crescent moon logo on the headstock
  • Exclusive moon phase fretboard markers
  • Original mermaid artwork by Mary Ann DiNella

~ Katrina Johannson

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