Talking with Phenix about ‘Roxul Pop,’ warpaint, more

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Going by the moniker, Phenix, this powerhouse musician has developed her own “Roxul Pop” movement, and uses warpaint as her main accessory. With this strong persona, her stage performances are pretty powerful, and her voice is just as stellar. She currently creates her music in Nashville, and she took some time to chat with us about her “Roxul Pop” movement, warpaint accessorizing, and much more. Read on to find out more about Phenix!

Guitar Girl Magazine: You’ve curated the “Roxul Pop” movement…what does that mean to you, and even more so, what do you hope it conveys to fans and listeners?

Phenix: “Roxul Pop” to me is like a box of pop rocks. It’s a taste, it’s a feeling, it’s an experience. It’s a sensation. I always want someone to walk away feeling empowered in a new mindset. I truly believe we are here to learn and uplift. I put my complete whole self into the message of every song, and I take the energy I put through the mic very seriously. I want what I give to you to be pure and powerful and ultimately higher your vibration.

Guitar Girl Magazine: You use warpaint as your main accessory during your performances…why did you decide to use that aesthetic as part of your performance?

Phenix: It’s a sign of triumph to me. It means that today – I am a Warrior, no thing holds any power to drag me away from my purpose, I will love myself when it is hardest to, And I will forgive myself when its easier to  beat myself up. It’s a sign of being ready for the many battles you will face but being perseverent in your efforts to never give in.

Guitar Girl Magazine: Your single “Dinosaur” was just released…what does the song mean to you, and what do you hope to convey to fans?

Phenix: “Dinosaur” was written from a view point that essentially was screaming, “WAKE THE HELL UP” I see life from the deep end, always analyzing beyond the mirage of reality that I see from my pupil’s tv screen. Beyond all the indifferences we may have for each other, we are all living breathing ancient creatures that just want to be loved and understood. Why can’t that thought cross our mind whenever we come face to face with a moment that challenges us?

We’re all Dinosaurs

We were made for more

Breathing like we’re sore

We’re all Dinosaurs…..

Guitar Girl Magazine: What is it about Nashville’s music scene that you really enjoy? What do you wish the music scene would focus more on?

Phenix: Well I really enjoy that it’s fairly easy to get on the bill somewhere or to book your own show and lineup so that you have that opportunity to grow your fanbase from your live performances. ALSO on the same note…. that may also be the reason why it’s so hard to get people out  because there’s always 10 or more events happening at any given night.

I guess if I had to wish for something….I’d wish the Nashville music scene would maybe be more open to the power of collaboration instead of “how much money is this going to make me?” And don’t get me wrong, people should put a price on what they bring to the table, we’re all struggling artists and you have to, but I think Teams are who succeed, and if we spent a little more time building creative teams that all invested their time and money equally towards a goal that moves them all forward without chopping each others limbs off, then we’d truly be changing the game.

Guitar Girl Magazine: What’s next for you in the rest of 2018?

Phenix: I am going on a school tour through middle/high schools discussing anti-bullying, suicide prevention, and healthy lifestyles. I will be performing and speaking as well as getting to spend time with them. I am so honored and excited, I have been saying for years about the importance of impressing upon the youth and now I have been given the opportunity to really do my part and hopefully be a powerful vessel of influence to their expanding minds!

Apart from that journey, I will be playing some festivals this summer and have the squirt gun fully loaded with music. I plan to drop a new single every 6-8 weeks so get ready!

Keep up with Phenix on Facebook and Instagram.

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