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Boston-based musician, Ruby Rose Fox, has released her sophomore album, Salt, today. This album is the follow-up to her debut album, Domestic, which peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart back in 2016. She has received critical praise from her hometown publications, Boston Herald, Dig Boston, and has been deemed “Most Fashionable Bostonians 2018” by Boston Globe.

Fox has a number of talents to her credit, including acting, directing and writing, including performing music. In a press release, it’s stated that Fox’s Salt is “a subversive and utterly cinematic piece of experimental pop that features soundscapes built to accompany Fox’s wall-shattering vocals.”

To celebrate the album’s release, Fox will be performing a multi-media one-woman musical based on the record at OBERON in Boston today, it’s release day!

Find out what Fox has to say about using ASMR (Auditory Sensory Meridian Response) in her music, theatre, Salt‘s themes and more.

You’re a woman of many talents and ambitions; I love it! What drives you to pursue your endeavors?  

Ruby Rose Fox: I would say politics and heartbreak are the main fuel for my art. I do it because I love it and it gives me a sense of purpose.
I love that you researched more on ASMR (Auditory Sensory Meridian Response), which helps your fans/listeners receive the same physical sensations they get when they hear you perform live. How did you determine this was the best way for your fans to connect with you live and on record? 
Ruby: I was at a bar with my best friend Sarah who was telling me about how her and her boyfriend listen to ASMR videos together. Once I realized that people were starting to isolate the sounds that induce physical sensation, I became obsessed.

How do you incorporate your previous theatre experience in the recording of your upcoming album, Salt

Ruby: Well, this new show actually IS a piece of theater and is being performed in a theater. There will be lights, costumes, and ever a “glitter drop.” That said, all good musical production is theater. It usually just VERY difficult for someone without a trust fund or a major label behind them to pull it off. I received a grant from The Boston Foundation and luckily was able to create my dream show!
There are many themes with Salt. What was the writing process like for it? 
Ruby: It happened over a long period over time. I’m more of a slow-burner Leonard Cohen type. Nothing is ever right and takes me a while. The writing period happened during early period of Trump’s presidency, so there’s a lot of frustration and passion.
What’s your history with playing guitar? 
Ruby: My first writing instrument was a black and white, thinline, semi-hollow bodied, Fender. I loved it at first, but I find keyboard to make way more sense to me. Guitar is like that frustrating boyfriend I will never understand. That said, I play guitar the way I play most instruments…all passion, no technique. It’s worked for me so far!
Do you play any other instruments? 
Ruby: Yes, keyboard, and sax. Singing is the one and only though.
Is a tour planned for Salt?
Ruby: We have more dates after our Oberon opening in Boston and Provincetown. I’m hoping the play is a total smash and I can perform it all over the country!.

HERE’S a sneak peek!

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